Day: 6 December 2018

Questions and Answers Of Papachi’s Moth and Summary

This lesson is an extract from Arundhati Roy’s first novel “The God Of Small Things” which won the Bookers Prize in 1997. Pappachi ( grandfather) is an imperial entomologist prior to his retirement. His name is Shri Benaan John Ipe. His wife Shoshamma Ipe is referred to as Mammachi ( grandmother).

Questions and Answers of Abhiley

Abhiley is an wonderful short story composed by ‘Abdul Gani Sheikh’. In this story, the author has wonderfully depicted some principal logical contradictions, i.e. simplicity and ignorance versus modernity, and the issues of the generation gap between the general population of various ages.

The Sermon at Benares Summary and NCERT Solutions

The Sermon at Benares’ is a written by Betty Renshaw. The chapter covers the journey of Gautama Buddha from princely life to his saintly life. In the wake of seeing the sufferings of the world, he chose to surrender every single common delight and sought enlightenment.

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