A Student’s Guide To Learning From Home

A Student's Guide To Learning From Home

For a past few weeks, the classwork of all the schools has been suspended to contain the spread of COVID-19. The closure of schools has stagnated the teaching-learning process. The students experience a significant loss. The teachers and parents are also grappling with the scenario. Our thoughts are with the teachers, students and families coping with the suspensions of classes. In this challenging time, we are providing some fast pro tips and guide to help the students navigate the remote learning.

A Student's Guide To Learning From Home 1
A Student’s Guide To Learning From Home

Make a Plan
If you want to learn remotely in your home, look at the curriculum in advance and target lessons that you are expected to learn as per the curriculum.

The school and your teacher will prepare your lessons, but it’ll be good if you’ll plan how you’ll be studying at home.

Set Up a Work Zone

Find an area in your house where you can sit comfortably and focus. It should be comfortable, well-lit area and designate it for work.

Avoid working from the couch or bed – when it is time to relax your brain might find it hard to shut off work thoughts. Make it separate to your relaxation space. Ideally away from a TV screen or other distractions.

Plan Your Days

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If you have one, follow the schedule you have prepared or provided by your school.

If you just have a list of things to study, break it down into tasks and plan to do the hardest ones when you have the most energy. Do one thing at one time. Finish one lesson before moving to the next. Do one assignment before another. Lessen multitasking.


Learning From Home Pro Tips

A Student’s Guide To Learning From Home


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