Importance of Trees Or Forests

Forests are called the “green gold” of our country. There are many advantages to having green forests. They give us fruits to eat and firewood to burn. They supply us with timber to build houses and to make furniture. We also get honey, wax, gum, and herbs from the forests. Forests add to the beauty of the country and provide shelter for wild animals.

Trees are the life-givers on the planet, the earth. Trees take CO2 and release O2, which is the life of all human beings, animals, and other creatures. The moderately blowing wind pleases everyone’s hearts and gives the living power.

In the modern age, pollution has spread widely. The smoke from industrial factories, buses, and motorcycles has polluted the air. People are falling ill, making complaints about their respiratory systems. Dust is mixing with the air, and we cannot breathe fresh, pure air. The purity of the air is damaged by the smoke and dust. If there are enough trees, they can purify the air. So trees have an important role in this field.

Industrialization has caused forests to be cut down. The balance of nature has been spoiled. Drought fails crops now and then. Forests and mountains make for rainfall, but when the trees are cut down, rain is not possible. Water is life, and trees depend on it. So, there should be more and more trees on the earth to make life possible on it.

Our government wants trees to be planted all over the country. A new festival has been started for this purpose. It is called “Vanmohotsava” since trees are the wealth of the country.

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