Essay on Television

Introduction: Television means a vision (scene) coming from a distance. John Loggie Baird invented television. It is a great miracle of science. We can see what is going on thousands of miles away thanks to television. started in 1959 in India. It was black and white. Colour TV started in 1982. With the launching of our own satellites, Insat TV can be seen far and wide. Cable TV has increased the range very much. We can now watch Zee TV, Star TV, BBC, and other national television channels.

Television presents several programmes of entertainment and education. Feature films are shown on it. TV series have become very popular. Programmes of music, songs, and dances are watched by the people. Several educative programmes are also telecasted. We get a lot of information about our country. We enjoy a variety of cultural programmes. TV has played an important role in bringing unity to the country. 

Television telecasts news from around the world. We can see the events happening in the world. It also telecasts debates and discussions on various subjects of national and international importance. So it is a great medium for forming and shaping public opinion. 

Several programmes of games and sports are shown on TV. We watch the matches alive. It promotes the love of sports among young people. TV also shows several adventurous events. So they enhance the spirits of young people. Television also provides valuable health information and advice.

Businessmen advertise their goods through it. People come to know the new things prepared for them. These advertisements are a great source of income for the TV stations. They sponsor the programmes and thus bear the cost of preparing and telecasting them. Some of the advertisements have become very popular. Children learn them by heart. 

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TV helps people in many ways too. It gives information about the weather. It guides people during big public programmes, etc. Leaders, great men, and other social workers advise people. It helps in tracking lost people. 

Television has given opportunities to many artists who did not have any scope in the film industry. Other artists were given the opportunity to showcase their work on television.

People’s lives were also altered as a result of the series. Films have become monotonous and have a limited canvas,   while series are spread over hundreds of episodes and various themes. Several technicians, electricians, and mechanics got employment. Businessmen also got an opportunity to do business by selling TVs and repairing them. 

There are some disadvantages too. It keeps students away from their books and classrooms. Several young people become careless about their job and spend time watching TV during their work. Continuous watching of TV is harmful to our eyes.

Conclusion: Wrong and unthoughtful use of anything is bad. If a lightly used TV is beneficial to all, We are nowadays better informed about the world than we were in the past.

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