Pollution or Our Environment

Today, the world is facing many dangerous problems like terrorism, unemployment, war, pollution, etc. Pollution is one of the biggest burning problems in the world. Men are themselves responsible for it. If we don’t stop unnecessary necessity, our beautiful green living planet will become a dead planet. 

Of course, science and industry have made our lives more comfortable, but they also create pollution.  Harmful gases from industries pollute the air. All rivers, wells, and ponds are polluted now with harmful chemicals from industries and domestic sewage. Land is polluted due to chemical fertilisers and pesticides. If pollution continues, how long will humans, animals, and birds survive? Even beautiful structures like the Taj Mahal are at risk of destruction due to acid rain and pollution in the Jamuna River.

Overpopulation, unplanned towns, and misuse of natural resources are the main reasons for pollution. People cut forests to get more land for their houses, industries, roads, and agriculture. They cut trees for fuel and furniture. But they do not plant trees in the same quantity. We know that trees purify the air and give oxygen. Motor vehicles also pollute the air. 

The whole world is suffering from global warming. The ozone layer protects us from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to life. Many diseases, like cholera, malaria, polio, jaundice, measles, plague, etc., break out due to polluted air, polluted water, and polluted land. 

In short, to save our planet, we must stop cutting forests. We should grow more trees. We must stop the misuse of our natural resources. “Van Mahotsava” should be celebrated all over the world.

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