Essay on Power of Gratitude

We are a master of screwing things up when its time to be grateful to Almighty, siblings, relatives, friends or strangers. We take all the blessings and good deeds as our right. It happens all the time that we take people and their noble acts for granted and never think to be thankful or show gratitude. However, it’s also a fact that we seek a smile for our smaller acts and feel disappointed when fail to have one.

Words of gratitude work as a magic wand that suddenly changes the opinions, feelings and attitude of the person to whom they are paying. It’s a spell that would make both the persons, one who is bestowing gratefulness and the other who is receiving, happier, more optimistic, healthier (physically and spiritually) and productive. This is a potion that costs nothing but returns are immeasurable. Just a little concentration is needed and a feeling of appreciation that would change the environment and make the bonding stronger.

It is proved scientifically that gratitude is a good health choice that needs no money, just a little time and affection. Thankfulness adds to the bottom line in real ways.

“If the only prayer you say in your life is ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” – Meister Eckhart

Gratitude allows you to notice little pleasures, count your blessings and feel the importance of relations, friends and humanity in the little allotted time that is known as ‘Life’. This leads you to the path of Almighty and fills your heart with the love of your creator who provides you with all which even you do not realize. You are needed to be continuously aware of what you have and think about life without having these little happiness and blessings.

It is all about shifting your focus from what you lack to what you have. Expressing gratitude makes people happier and what is more precious than seeing a person happy when you are the reason. Do not lose these moments of contentment and make it a habit to thanks others all the time. This practice makes you grateful to God as well. You would find yourself happier, healthier, optimist, smiling all the time. It heightens the quality of your life as well as the people around you.

Do not tend to take for granted the goods of your life. Try to see the people behind the good. It is awesome to give the credit where it is due. Your mother is the reason for you to live healthy, speak, walk, talk (and a lot more which we cannot count), so is your father. He provided grounds for your education, future, health and safety. There are your teachers, siblings, spouse, friends, neighbours, relatives countless people who play their part for your quality life. OMG! How much you have to return back them for being there for you? A little word of thanks, a sweet smile and a feeling of gratefulness make you worthy of their good deeds.

A little method to practice gratitude is thinking about the blessings you have. Imagine that you are losing them one by one and your life without them. Sounds dreadful… ok!! Let’s think to get them back one by one and consider how thankful you would be for each of them. Try to feel the same grateful all the time. Value your relations, blessings, things around and be happy all the time.

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