Essay on Benefits of Smile

Smile is a comprehensive expression of happiness and one of the best moves of nonverbal communication. Though it is easy to flex your face muscles from one ear to another but it’s the hardest task to make someone really smile or smile when you do not want to. What happiness is for you? Is it having the best car in town? Is it having more money than your acquaintances or a more luxurious living style than your neighbours? If happiness is related to expensive things then people with little or no money would never be happy in their whole life. A simple, pure and innocent smile can produce more happiness than an impressive gadget.

Smiling is a universally recognized act. It’s in our daily routine but have you ever determined its power? We rarely think about the most powerful act of smiling. It makes us more beautiful and approachable not only for our acquaintances but for strangers also. Infant or even animals can understand this angelic deed. Its blessings are far from regional, cultural or language barriers. No matter where you live or what language you speak there is no need to decode a grin.

A smile can be fake or real. Have you ever experienced a fake smile from a loved one? One cannot assess that how hurting it is. However, sometimes a fake smile is far better than a frowning face. Studies proved this strange fact that a smile has the power to make us happy even it’s a fake one. Just pretending to be happy and cheerful can trigger inner satisfaction and joys.

Smile is correlated with all the major aspects of life. It puts things in the right order and tells about anyone more than words can say. Life span, health, pleasure, success and friendship are related with a sincere and pure smile.

Phyllis Diller says,

“A Smile is a Curve that Sets Everything Straight.”

Benefits of Smiling:

Smiling is an act that costs nothing and returns a lot as beauty, health, mental and friendly advantages.

Psychological Benefits

Smile assists you in staying positive in every situation. Negative thoughts cannot combine with a smile. You have to say goodbye to a false attitude when you welcome a smile. A real smile helps you to drift tension and sadness. With frequent smile wearing you will be able to relieve anxiety. Happiness is a difficult state to achieve but one can have it with a positive attitude. Smile releases stress. A stressed face is easily detectable. It is hard to unite a smile with stress. The fakeness can be marked effortlessly. Also, a stiff, rigid and inflexible face makes others uncomfortable. A pure and real smile reduces the tension and helps you to make others happy and relaxed.

Health Benefits

The mental sense of relaxation assists your immune system to work better. Physical health is related to the mental pleasure. If you are happy mentally then you work well physically. Sad and serious people are more likely to get sick because of having weak immunity. Endorphins are natural painkillers which work together with serotonin. These two chemicals are released when we smile. If you smile in pain then you strengthen yourself to cope with the pains. Though it is hard to smile in pains but one can try a smile in discomforts to be relaxed and make others lessen their burdens. Smile reduces blood pressures. In hypertension, a high blood pressure patient must smile a lot. It is recommended by doctors to lessen your tension through frequent smiles.

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Beauty Benefits

Smile is the best cosmetic that makes you more beautiful and young without spending anything. The rude and solid expressions demonstrate you far mature and elderly. The facial muscles that lift your face up while smiling makes you seem younger than your actual age. Smiles prevent you from premature wrinkles and additional treatment of face lifting. There is no need to research more about that smiling faces seem more attractive. The frowning face of a beauty queen can never replace the smiling face of a dear friend (but it will go the other way round).

Social Benefits

Smile makes you approachable to people. No matter they know you or not. Your sincere smile welcomes them to come near you. If you are friendly then you should be ‘smiley’. To put yourself at ease for others Smile More. If you are confident then you must wear a smile ever. It is a specific tool to measure self-confidence. In a job interview or for business dealing smiling faces seem more attractive yet reliable. You must be confident enough when things are not going in your way. Your pure, innocent and sincere smile keeps you in people’s memory for a long time. It is the most strengthening and soothing act that one can offer in a tense situation. Your smiling face makes people assume that you must have a multitude of more good qualities. If you have a frowning face then you must be lacking friends.

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