Essay on Honey Bees

Honey bees are generally held in high regards in humans despite of their painful sting. This is due to their usefulness as honey producers and the best pollinators for flowering plants. The value of pollination in plants is incalculable. A majority of crops are dependent on pollination by honey bees and other insects. Domestic animals that provide us meat and milk eat the pollinated plants which are dependent on pollination. Thanks to honeybees and other insects to work hard for us.

There are approximately 20,000 known species of bees in nine recognized families. The actual number may be higher as many are undescribed yet. You can found bees all over the globe except Antarctica. They are at every place where insect-pollinated plants are present. They are the most useful day-flying insect.

Why Do Bees Sting?

Bees are mainly busy creature and they love to do their work. They have no interest in stinging all the time. They only sting when someone bothers them or their nest. All of their species are non-aggressive if undisturbed. Many of them have no sting at all. But if any animal or human bothers then they team up and fight together to protect their nest. It is significant to know that a honeybee rarely stings. The reason is that when a honeybee stings, its barbed stinger is torn away and the honeybee dies within a short period. Other bees and wasps, which have stings that are not barbed, retain their stingers to sting again. A bee stinger is usually inside its abdomen. When the bee is ready to sting, the stinger comes out of its tail.

Honeybees Talk to Each other by Dancing

Believe it or not but when a bee finds nectar-rich flowers, it returns to its hive and informs the rest of the bees in the hive by dancing. There is a special dance to let the others know about where the flowers are. For nearby flowers (within 90 m or 300 feet) the bee does a simple, circular dance. For flowers that are far away, the dance is a figure-eight pattern. It gives the other bees a good idea of where to go for finding the nectar. The angle between the centre line of the figure-eight pattern and the top of the hive, which stands for the position of the sun, indicates the path of the flowers.

You should not afraid of honeybees; they are cute friends who always work to prepare sweet honey for your breakfast. Thank them for the beeswax as well. Pollination is far more important than honey or beeswax for a healthy and working world. Try to imagine a world without pollination and then without plants and then without us … isn’t it too horrible to think about.

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