Essay on The Butterfly

Butterflies are the most beautiful insects. Their patterns, colours and diligence provide artistic ideas to designers. Butterfly images are widely used in art and jewellery, media artworks and furnishings. Butterflies fly from one flower to another. But some butterflies go a lot further. They like to spend winter in warm places so they fly south when the weather is cold. In spring, they come home. They are also a great helper to gather pollen. When they come into contact with flowers, pollen sticks to their bodies. They then transfer the pollen to the flowers’ pistils, resulting in pollination. There are about 17,500 species of this beautiful creature around the globe.

Butterflies are valuable in three ways for humans. Firstly they are helpful to pollinate plants. They carry pollen from one plant to another to make seeds and new plants. Secondly, they are effective for just being around us. They help people by just being so pretty to provide colours around us. Most importantly they remind us of our Creator who made such a beautiful world. Their wonderful designs point to the wisdom of God.

Butterflies and moths are related to the groups of insects called Lepidoptera. There are some differences between them as butterflies are day-flying insects and you may find moths in night mostly. Also, butterflies are bright coloured insects with long clubbed antennae while moths are not very bright in colours and lack clubs at the end of antennae. Simply you can say that butterflies are fancy moths.

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