What is a riddle?

A riddle is generally a question devised so as to require clever or unexpected thinking for its answer. Riddles may be considered a form of brain teaser. In general conversation, a riddle is usually presented to someone who knows that a riddle is being asked and accepts the challenge of guessing the correct response. The guesser may get one or multiple guesses. Sometimes the asker gives clues, but sometimes the guesser just does the best she or he can. There is usually one correct answer to a riddle, and it is common for the correct answer to be given, even if the guesser doesn’t think of it.

Riddles typically use one of several techniques to create the twist that makes them difficult to guess. One common technique is double meanings. If the double meaning is in the words of the riddle, then a kind of equivocation is going on: the asker intends one meaning and hopes that the guesser will understand a different meaning.

Types of riddles

Riddles are of two types: enigmas, which are problems generally expressed in metaphorical or allegorical language that require ingenuity and careful thinking for their solution, and conundrums, which are questions relying for their effects on punning in either the question or the answer.

Here are some common interesting riddles. So cool…!

1. Why was Karl Marx buried at High gate Cemetery in London?

  • Because he was dead!

2. What odd number becomes even when beheaded?

  • Seven (Seven – E = even)

3. Why is the letter E like London?

  • It is the capital in England.
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4. What has four wheels and flies?

  • A garbage truck.

5. What kind of running means walking?

  • Running out of gas!

6. What stays hot even if you put it in a refrigerator?

  • Pepper

7. What can’t be used unless broken?

  • Eggs!

8. What two words contain thousands of letters?

  • Post office.

9. What has nothing but a head and a tail?

  • A coin.

10. What did the big chimney say to the little chimney while working?

  • You are too young to smoke!

Here are some more interesting English riddles about different situations.

Q: What has two heads, four eyes, six legs and a tail?
A: A horse and its rider.

Q: What is as big as a horse but doesn’t weigh anything?
A: The horse’s shadow.

Q. Why was the hearse horse hoarse?
A. Because of the coffin

Q: Why are man with pierced ears better suited for marriage?
A: Because they have suffered and bought jewelry.

Q: What begins with T, ends with T and has T in it?
A: A teapot.

Q: Do you know why birds fly to south in the winter?
A: Because it’s too far to walk there.

Q: Which letters do Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday have in common?
A: None! None of them have “c”, “o”,”m” or “n” in them.

Q: What are the 3 important rings in life?
A: Engagement ring, Wedding ring, and suffering.

Q: Which room has no doors, no windows.
A: A mushroom.

Q: What gets wetter as it dries?
A: A towel

Q: Why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance?
A: He didn’t have anybody to take. (any BODY)

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Q: A father and his son were in a car accident. The father died. The son was taken to the hospital. The doctor came in and said: I can’t do surgery on him, because he’s my son. Who was the doctor?

A: The doctor was his mother.

(It’s an old riddle that is more difficult in some countries than in others. )

Q: Why did the student take a ladder to school?
A: Because he/she was going to high school!

Q: Why did the tomato blush?
A: Beacuse it saw the salad dressing!

Q: What are the two strongest days of the week?
A: They are Saturday and Sunday. All the others are weak (week) days.

Q: How far can a dog run into the forest?
A: Halfway, after that he is running out of the forest.

Q: Which is faster, heat or cold?
A: Heat, because you can catch a cold.

A: How many apples can you eat if your stomach is empty?
B: 4 or 5
A: No, that’s wrong, because after eating one apple your stomach isn’t empty.

If you are doing a discussion about space, then students will like this one.
Q: Why did Mickey Mouse go to outer space?
A: To find Pluto.

English Riddles with English Letters / Alphabet

Here we have provided you the most common English Riddles with English alphabet and letters.

1. What letter of the alphabet is an insect?

Answer: B. (bee)

2. What letter is a part of the head?

Answer: I. (eye)

3. What letter is a drink?

Answer: T. (tea)

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4. What letter is a body of water?

Answer: C. (sea)

5. What letter is a pronoun like “you”?

Answer: The letter ” I “

6. What letter is a vegetable?

Answer: P. (pea)

7. What letter is an exclamation?

Answer: O. (oh!)

8. What letter is a European bird?

Answer: J. (Jay)

9. What letter is looking for causes?

Answer: Y. (why)

10. What four letters frighten a thief?

A: O.I.C.U. (Oh I see you!)

11. What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment but not once in a thousand years?

Answer: The letter “m”.

12. Why is the letter “T” like an island?

Answer: Because it is in the middle of waTer.

13. In what way can the letter “A” help a deaf lady?

Answer: It can make “her” “hear.

14. Which is the loudest vowel?

Answer: The letter “I”. It is always in the midst of noise

15. What way are the letter “A” and “noon” alike?

Answer: Both of them are in the middle of the “day”.

16. Why is “U” the happiest letter?

Answer: Because it is in the middle of “fun”.

17. What word of only three syllables contains 26 letters?

Answer: Alphabet = (26 letters)

18. What relatives are dependent on “you”?

Answer: Aunt, uncle, cousin. They all need “U”.

19. What is the end of everything?

Answer: The letter “g”.

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