Matching Meanings

Choose the word which best matches the meaning of the academic word that’s been highlighted in each sentence below. 

Increased spending on direct advertising is a key component of our marketing plan.  

  • limit
  • framework
  • result
  • part

This is a complex question which requires careful consideration.
  • important
  • new
  • not simple
  • separate

We see a lot of each other as we work in adjacent buildings. 

  • small
  • next-door
  • see-through
  • modern

The project team consist(s) of the HR manager, a marketing consultant and the company accountant.  

  • needs
  • is made up
  • is looking
  • is part

The elderly constitute a large and growing proportion of the population.  

  • change
  • work
  • use
  • are

The conference will encompass a number of themes ranging from management to finance.  
  • attend
  • take place
  • answer
  • cover

The joint venture bore the names of both parent companies but was in reality an entirely separate legal entity.

  • person
  • place
  • problem
  • thing

The final draft of the report  incorporate(d) a number of revisions.

  • needed
  • was written
  • included
  • changed

The central government established the parameter(s) within which local governments can work.
  • money
  • limits
  • parts
  • buildings

Management must accept its portion of the blame for the company’s poor performance.
  • result
  • share
  • cause
  • failure

The company needs to reduce its costs substantial(ly) if it is to remain competitive.

  • a lot
  • quickly
  • well
  • expensively

His research was outside the established paradigm, which meant that it was difficult to attract funding.

  • framework
  • society
  • class
  • library

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