Gulliver In Lilliput -II Questions And Answers 2

Gulliver In Lilliput -II Questions And Answers


Q.1 Where was Blefuscu situated and what separated it from Lilliput?
Ans. The empire of Blefuscu was located to the north-east of Lilliput. It was separated from Lilliput by a channel about 800 metres wide.


Ans. The island of Blefuscu was situated to the north-east of Lilliput. It was separated from Lilliput by a channel (a narrow stretch of water joining two bodies of land) about 800 metres wide.

Q.2 Why did Gulliver avoid appearing on the north-east of Lilliput?
Ans. Gulliver did so that the enemy should not get a glimpse of him. Gulliver’s giant appearance would have easily put the enemy in agitation.


Ans. Gulliver was planning to take an action in order to save Lilliput from the attack by Blefuscu. So, he did not want the enemy to see him and be alert before his action. That is why he avoided appearing on the north-east coast of Lilliput.

Q.3 How deep was the channel? What were the devices with which Gulliver armed himself?
Ans. The channel was 5-6 feet deep. Gulliver armed himself with some strong cable and bars of iron. The cable was no more than a bundle of pack-thread, and bars of iron were like knitting needles.

Ans. The channel was about five feet deep in most places. In some places, it was five feet deep but, it was nowhere deeper than six feet. Gulliver armed himself with fifty hooks and fifty strong cords.

Q.4 Why did Gulliver seek the advice of the most experienced sailor?
Ans. Gulliver sought his advice because the former had no prior knowledge of the channel and surroundings of that would-be battlefield. He wanted to be successful in his mission.

Q. 4 What did Gulliver make from the cables and bars of iron?

Ans. Gulliver twisted the cables together and made fifty strong cords. He twisted three iron bars together at a time and made fifty hooks.

Q.5 What did the Blefuscan soldiers do while Gulliver was fastening hooks to the warships?
Ans. On getting a glimpse of Gulliver, Blefuscan soldiers were so frightened that they leapt out of their ships and swam ashore.


Ans. The soldiers of Blefuscu jumped out of their warships on seeing Gulliver. They swam ashore and shot at him several thousand arrows as big as knitting-needles.

Q.6 What did Gulliver do to save his eyes?
Ans. In order to save his eyes, Gulliver put on his eye-glasses so that the arrows could not strike his eyes.


Ans. Gulliver put on his eyeglasses to save his eyes from the arrows shot at him by the soldiers of Blefuscu.

Q.7 Why did the ships not move when Gulliver pulled them?
Ans. When Gulliver pulled the ships, they did not move because they were all fast held with anchors.



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