Month June 2020

Sonnet and Types of Sonnet

‘Sonnet’ is an abbreviation of the Italian sonetto (little song) recited to the sound of a musical instrument. It is a fourteen-line poem written in iambic pentameter. Its origins are unclear. For some, it originated in Provence and for others, it is a development of the Greek epigram.
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What is Conceit?

Conceit and Metaphysical Conceit The word ‘conceit’ means ‘a concept or an image’. In simpler terms, it is a figure of speech that brings out an interesting or striking comparison between two different things, or situations or ideas to create a new concept. The course of development that one comes…
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The Pulley By George Herbert : Summary and Explanation

The poem, The Pulley, centres on the theme of relationship between God and his best creation, that is, man. God, the ultimate father-figure to mankind, uses his special pulley to draw man back to him, once man’s scheduled quota is over on this planet earth. He (God) does it for the good of mankind. The Pulley portrays the life of a man as he grows up experiencing certain aspects of life and in the process developing a relationship.
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And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time By William Blake: Summary and Questions

This poem 'And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time' is inspired by the Book Revelations and the Second Coming of Jesus for the establishment of a new Jerusalem with indicative words ‘Jerusalem builded’ and ‘chariot of fire’. This is why this poem is sometimes referred to as ‘The New Jerusalem’. It is also a reference to the setting up of a new society with the onset of the Industrial Revolution.
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The Centaur: Summary and Questions

"The Centaur" is one of the most popular and anthologized poems by May Swenson. In the poem, the poet re-creates the joy of riding a stick horse through the summer of a small town. We find ourselves, with her, straddling "a long limber horse with . . . a few leaves for a tail," and running through the beautiful dust along the course of the old canal. As her form shifts from child to horse and back, we know exactly what she feels like.
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anyone lived in a pretty how town – Summary, Analysis, Questions and Style

This poem, “anyone lived in a pretty how town,” is one of the most popular and anthologized poems by CC Cummings. It is about a man named Anyone who is not well- liked by the someones and everyones in the town because he is absolutely different and special. Anyone sings and dances, but the townspeople don’t heed him or care about him. Indeed, they’re too busy with their very own lives to even discover him.
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