Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Wali

Sheikh’s Life

Sheik Noor-ud-Din Wali (R.A) also prevalently known as“Nund-Reshi“, ” Sheik-ul-Allam” and “Alamdari Kashmir” (R.A). He is without a doubt a spiritual reality with a distinction. Sheik-ul-Alam(R.A) marks the start of Sufism in Kashmir. He was born at Khaimoh in 1377 AD which is a town coming under the domain of Tehsil Kulgam in Kashmir. His father Salar Sanz, who initially hailed from a dynasty of rulers in Kishtwar embraced Islam on account of Syed Samnai (R.A) and was named Saladin.

Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Wali (R.A) adopted secluded lifestyles for most of the time, living in caves and secluded places for the purpose of spiritual training and purification of his self. He denied all the worldly pleasure and ambitions and left his home thereby living the life of isolation in forests and secluded places far from the humdrum of life. He didn’t even take care of his own children and wife leaving them completely at the mercy of God. He visited every nook and corner of the valley and implanted an Islamic soul and enthusiasm in the people of Kashmir. He preached his basic gospel of fear of God and responsibility before Him after death, duty to the standards of truth, justice, love, and service of mankind.

Sheikh as a true Saint

The Sheikh was a genuine Saint. He set an example of simplicity, honesty and a true servant of people. As a missionary, he instructed us that genuine Saint isn’t one who escapes from life but one who does his obligations of life with honesty and humility. He discloses to us that picked workers of God are the individuals who worship Him earnestly and satisfy their obligations in life routinely. He pulled in devotees all over from Kashmir. Every one of them was noble spirits and carried on with a real existence of devotion and in the service of their fellow beings.
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Sheikh’s Popularity

The Sheikh won prominence everywhere in Kashmir. Kashmiri call him even as of now Shaikh-ul-Alam which means the spiritual guide of the world or a saint of world stature. After setting a sparkling example of a righteous life, Shaikh ul Alam left this mortal world in Rupwan in 1438 AD and was buried at Chrar-I-Shareef.

Shaikh-ul-Alam (R.A) is one of those uncommon personages of history whose prominence is increasing even after their demise. With the progression of time, the Shaikh has turned into a commonly recognized name in all aspects of Kashmir. Individuals keep on rehashing his savvy adages and sweet verses.

A long time after his passing, coins were struck in his name during the Afghan reign over Kashmir. Today various trusts and educational foundations exist in his name. These include the Sheikh-ul-Alam Chair at the University of Kashmir and the Sheik-ul-Alam Museum at the University of Jammu.

Thinking about the Text  | Questions and Answers

1. Why did Sheik Noor-ud-Din wali enter the cave?

Answer: Shaikh Noor-ud-Din walk entered the cave for the spiritual preparation and refinement of his self. He wanted to turn into an ideal missionary with the goal that he could preach the people about God. He entered the cave also in order to abandon the worldly desires and ambitions and adopt a monastic way of life.

2. What made people flock to the Shaikh?

Answer: The Shaikh’s principled life made individuals rush to him. Individuals were pulled in to him since they discovered him an ideal example of simplicity, honesty and the person who had dedicated his entire life in the service of people. He was a genuine servant of God and a noble soul. He played out the obligations of life with honesty and humility.

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3. What does Sheik-ul-Alam mean?

Answer: Sheik-ul-Alam means the spiritual guide of the world or a saint of world stature. The Sheik was called Sheik-ul-Alam in light of the fact that he preached his simple gospel of the fear of God and responsibility before Him. He also taught the people the principles of truth, justice, love and service of mankind.

4. What kind of life Sheik-ul – Alam lead?

Answer: Sheik-ul-Alam lived a righteous life. He adopted a religious lifestyle. He invested most of his time and energy in caves and secluded places doing penance and purifying himself. He relinquished the common delights and aspirations. He pursued the standards of simplicity, honesty and committed servant of people

5. What did Sheik-ul-Slam teach to the people?

Answer: Sheik-ul-Alam taught to the people his simple gospel of fear of God and responsibility before Him, commitment to the standards of truth, justice, love and service of humanity. He also taught to the people that the genuine workers of God don’t escape from life but they worship God truly and satisfy their obligations of life with honesty and quietude.

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