IELTS Speaking: Useful Sentences, Word-Groups, Phrases

IELTS Speaking is one of the major hurdles on way to success for many of the candidates who wish to study in a foreign, english-speaking countries like Australia and others.

My English is good and I am good at writing too but when it comes to speaking, I have some fear. I do not do well.”

This is very common. There are many people who have a fear of speaking.

But, how this fear shall be overcome? The only solution is “Focus on Smart IELTS Preparation.” Of course, when you are prepared for it in advance, you will know what you are doing and you will not falter. That is the smartest trick.

So, how shall you prepare yourself for the IELTS speaking test?

It is important that you should first take yourself out of the shell of confusion and diffidence! Speak in the public. Do not be afraid of going wrong while speaking. When you speak and speak continuously, you develop the skills. Moreover, you will also feel confident in presenting yourself.

Preparation For IELTS Speaking Test

Preparation for the Speaking Test in IELTS can help you overcome your fear of speaking in front of the interviewer.

It is natural to feel a bit nervous but when you know you can perform well, you gain success.

When you want to express your views, suggestions or opinions, you can say as follows:

  • I would like to stress more on …

  • I would prefer …..

  • I believe that

  • I suppose it is

  • In my view

  • I am of the opinion

  • In my opinion

  • If you ask me, I would say

  • I think it is like

  • I feel it shall be

  • What I believe in and support is that

  • As I see it

  • Personally speaking

  • As far as I am concerned

  • If you ask me that,

How to introduce personal experiences?

You can introduce personal experiences as follows:

  • I remember,

  • I would like to talk about it. It has always been the best part of my memories

  • Oh, I can’t forget that day

  • That is the memorable experience in my life

  • Back when I was

  • One time, I was

  • As far as I remember

  • What happened was that

When you agree on something, you can say as follows:

  • I agree with you

  • I totally agree on this

  • You are absolutely right. That makes sense. I agree.

  • Absolutely, no doubt about it.

  • Precisely that.

  • Definitely

  • Absolutely that is what I wanted to say

When you disagree on anything, you say as follows:

  • I am sorry, I do not agree (I am afraid, I disagree with you on this)

  • I understand what you are saying but still, I feel that ……

  • That is not true.

  • It is not necessary but

  • I am afraid, I do not support this.

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When you do not understand what the speaker is saying, feel free to ask. Following are some useful sentences that you can say:

  • I am sorry, I didn’t understand that.

  • I am afraid, I didn’t get that question.

  • Can you please, repeat that question for me?

  • Can you please, go over it again?

  • Can you explain your question?

  • What do you mean when you say………?

  • Can you say that again, please?

  • I am sorry, but can you rephrase that for me to help understand much better?

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