Answered Questions of Living in the World of Four Senses

Answered Questions of Living in the World of Four Senses

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Living in the World of Four Senses

Ans. 1. Every person remembers those persons who are affectionate to him during his childhood. He also remembers the pleasant and frolicsome episodes of this childhood.

Ans. 2. The author’s childhood was different from that of other children as he was having a prolonged sickness (Meningitis) so he went blind at the age of three, because of this he was deprived of all the sweet and pleasant things that a child loves and enjoys to do in his childhood.

Ans. 3. The author means to say that having no memories of seeing there was nothing to look back, nothing to miss.

Ans. 4. Author’s father wanted his transfer to Karnal because of friends and relatives, who came to sympathsize them which hurts them a lot so the wanted to live a peaceful and quiet life.

Ans. 5. In the beginning, it was tough for all the family members to have a blind person in their house and the only blind person the author’s parents have seen were began. Although the author was treated with great care and love after he turned blind.

Ans. 6. The author’s father himself being a doctor considered the treatment prescribed by hakims and pundits unscientific and irrelevant.

Ans. 7. When his mother used to shake her hand before him, putting switch on and off shows that the author developed a very keen sense of hearing.

Ans. 8. In the 1930s and 1940s in India, all blind people had turned to begging for their livelihood, or had become owners of Pan and Biri shops and spent their days rolling huts and condiments in a betel leaf or tobacco in a cigarette paper.

Ans. 9. The author was sent to Dadar school for Blind in Bombay that was nine hundred miles away from his home because his father knows that his staying at home would result in his father knew that his staying at home would result in his dependence on other family members. The author’s father further realized that his son would have difficulty in playing with normal children.

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