Spring in Kashmir Essay 2

Spring in Kashmir Essay

Spring in Kashmir

The queen of seasons and the blend of natural colour and costume; spring is welcomed everywhere. But in Kashmir, it has its own charm and elegance. It comes breaking the spell of chilly dull winter and infuses new life into everything.

Nature is in the prime of its youth during this season. It‘s a season of natural majesty, glamour, and colourfulness. The land of Kashmir seems to be a painting of colourful views. The fields and meadows look beautiful green carpets. Green grass covers hills and plains of the valley. Everywhere one observes plenty of blossoms.

With the increase in temperature first wild flowers bloom. Then comes the turn of mustered fields which present a charming sight. The cherry, almond and apricot trees bloom at a time to add to the beauty of the spring. It is followed by apple and pear blossoms. The blooming flowers fill the air with fragrance. The bare trees wear lush green leaves to present a soothing sight. Petals fly in air and dart about to create an eye-catching view.

Migratory birds (like Siberian cranes) from distant countries come to join the native ones to sing melodious tones in rapture. There is music everywhere. They add to the beauty of spring by their charming colours. One feels joyous to watch them flitting about.

The snow on mountains starts melting and the water level in the streams, springs, and rivers rises.

The murmuring sound of this water is quite sweet and charming.

Trade and other activities become brisk. The hustle and bustle start again. Farmers start sowing seeds and thus get engaged in their seasonal work. Visitors from all over the world visit Kashmir to enjoy the beauty of the paradise on earth. They spend a lot of money here. It gives an economic boost to people related to tourism. Picnics, excursions, and outings are a common phenomenon as the local people are also over-zealous in enjoying spring.

How can one resist the temptation of the perfect blend of colour and freshness called spring? According to Emperor Jahangir; ‗If a roasted bird is brought to Kashmir, it will come out with wings and feathers.

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