Winter in Kashmir

Nature knows its course best. Every season has its own importance and utility. No season is less important than others. One season opens the smooth passage for the other to flourish.

Winter is the fourth season of the four well known seasons of Kashmir It follows autumn and lasts from December to February. It is generally considered as insignificant and treated as an unwelcome guest. The period between 22 December and 3 January is its climax.

Winter is the coldest season of the year. During this season the sun loses its heat and brightness and often remains hidden behind clouds, fog or mist. The temperature is usually around freezing point. It’s usually a cruel and an unpleasant season though it has a charm of its own.

In winter, the valley seems to be dressed in white overalls. The streets, bazaars, fields, gardens and roofs are all covered with snow. Water freezes and it is icy everywhere. Birds, beasts, cattle and other creatures are unwilling to roam about. Dogs forget their barking and crow their cawing.

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Winter in Kashmir Essay


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