1. Importance of Games and Sports In Education

It is well put that a sound mind dwells in a sound body. For the creation of healthy and active human beings, physical exercise and psychological training is very essential. Games and sports are the best means of such exercise and training. They not only bestow us a sound physical build up but help to develop a sound mind also.

Games and sports are of vital importance in the all round development of our personality. True sportsmanship, worthy friendship and ideal citizenship are the sweet fruits of games and sports. In the absence of games and sports, we can‘t expect disciplined individuals and nations. They shape our character and behavior. Courage, tolerance, discipline, team spirit honesty and leadership are the guiding principles of a player. What does education aim at else? Games and sports, therefore, pave the way for education to attain its lofty ideals.

Modern games are essentially competitive in nature. They, therefore, infuse (inculcate) a sense of competition in the players and masses.

Sports create a bridge between the nations of the world and bring them closer to develop love, affinity, tolerance and sense of oneness. Pulling out of narrow national and regional spheres, they make people international. They help shun prejudice, intolerance and narrow mindedness.

Apart from building a healthy body and a moral character (which is among the aims of education today), games are also a very good source of amusement and refreshment. They provide a temporary escape from the worries of life. People have always sought rescue in games and sports to escape dullness and monotony.

Games and sports are a part and parcel of education. They should be made compulsory for all students. “All work and no play make a Jack and dull boy”. However, we must not play games at the cost of our studies.

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Importance of Games and Sports

2. The value of Games and Sports

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

It is recognised by all educationists that true education should aim at the physical and scholarly development of a student. Physical and mental education should go hand in hand. In the current age, the significance of games has been completely realised. For this purpose different games colleges and coaching, institutions have been opened. No instructive set up can bear to disregard the wellness and development of the recognized.
Games and sports are necessary to keep the body fit and fine. Physical fitness and freedom from diseases are the basic ambitions of every human being. In fact, good health is an inevitable condition for happiness in life. Both sophisticated games like cricket, volleyball, hockey, and football and rustic games like kabcentersrskho-Kho provide exercise to the body and keep it fit.
Recreation should refresh the human mind and body and provide an opportunity to escape from the drudgery of our professional pursuits. While playing games we forget all anxieties and worries of life. Games sharpen us mentally also as they require a skill. This skill comes into play when we are playing games like cricket, hockey, and football. They are not just as a matter of physical stamina.
Man is said to be a social animal. Education teaches a man how to live in society. Games which are part and parcel of education help man in becoming a useful member of society. Every game is played according to certain rules. Non- compliance with rules means foul play and every foul step means penalty. In other words, games develop in players the habit of fair play. A sportsman because of his love of fair play, live honesty, and justice which are moral qualities.

A true sportsman plays for the sake of playing. He does not play for the sake of winning a colour and distinction. He accepts defeat with a smiling face. At the same time, his defeat on the sports field drives him to greater effort in the future. Such a lesson can help him in all affairs of his future life. Victory and defeat in the field of sports make a man strong enough to face life with courage. Games teach certain other qualities such as team spirit and mutual cooperation. Obedience of the captain’s order on the playground makes a sportsman disciplined. Games and sports bring us in contact with others especially strangers. They broaden our social cosmos. International athletic events like the world Olympics bring players of different nationalities and countries together. Players thus act as angels of goodwill, friendship, and culture.
Games enable us to live a healthy and happy life. Time spent on games is not a bad investment. Games can make use of the surplus energy of our youth in a good manner. It is a pity that some elderly people look at games as harmful and time-wasting media. In certain schools, games and sports are ignored. They specialize in making their students book worms. In this matter, we should follow the example of countries some developed countries like America, China, Russia, and England which give due place to games in education. But too much emphasis on games is also not good. They should not be played at the cost of studies. It has been appropriately stated above that physical and mental education should go hand in hand.

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Value of games and sports

3. Importance of Games

The value of games cannot be denied by anybody. It is well said, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. So, games or physical education must be given ample importance along with mental and moral education.

Games are essential for sound health. In fact, it is said that a sound mind only resides in a sound body. So, it is essential first to build a healthy body by means of some good exercise. Only then can we think of building a healthy mind. All games are health-giving. They make our body robust and healthy. They fill the body with strength, vitality and vigour. They refresh the mind.

In addition to that, games and sports are a good pastime. They keep us busy in our free time. They provide a welcome change. Only in the playground, one forgets everything and is free from all worries. One experiences a feeling of joy and thus keeps himself away from wasting time in futile pursuits.

Above all, games and sports lay the foundation of good character. They make us obedient and disciplined as they teach us punctuality and regularity. They also teach other qualities like honesty, fairness, peace, quick decision, prompt action, self-governance, leadership, correct judgment, etc. They also help in bringing about international understanding and developing harmonious relations between nations.

Thus, games and sports are essential not only for the all-round development of one‘s personality but also other spheres of human activities.

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