Wonders of Science Essay in English

“Society lives by faith and develops by science” – Amiel

It is rightly said that the dreams of yesterday had been made possible by the various inventions of science. Today we can fly like birds in the air and swim like fish in the sea with the help of great inventions made by science. We travel a lot of distance of years in days and that of days in minutes by the various inventions of science. We can live in warm and comfortable rooms in the severe winter and cool and pleasant rooms in the hot summer with the help of fascinating inventions of science. Science has brought miraculous changes in every aspect of life. The wonders of science are more fascinating than Alladin’s miraculous lamp, Shah Jahan’s dream marble and the Great Wall of China.

Science is the key which unlocks for mankind the storehouses of nature” –Samuel

Wonders or blessings of science.

The inventions of science have led to the development of fast means of transport. Railways, ships, and aeroplanes have enabled us to travel from one place to another in the shortest possible time. Time and space have been destroyed and the world has become a smaller unit. Space travel has become a possibility and brave astronauts have landed on the moon. That day is not far when a regular spaceship service from the earth to the moon and back would become reality.
Electricity is one of the greatest wonders of science. It works like Alladin’s lamp. It turns darkness into brightness. It not only removes darkness but also runs our machines and enables us to send messages to different parts of the world by wireless waves. Science has enabled the modern man to have a sweet talk with his relatives, friends and beloved on the mobile phone. The refrigerators, washing machines, the cooking gas, and the electric kettle have reduced the housewife’s work. Nuclear power is being used to launch rockets and missiles which can send a man into space.

Horrors of science

Science had given us multiple means of entertainment. Radio, transistors, smartphones, cinema, and television provide us with good entertainment. They save from feeling bored. Science has also enabled us to conquer Nature. The sea has been measured. Rivers have been tamed and many powerful dams have been made across them.

Science has worked wonders in the field of disease. Now even the most dangerous diseases are cured. With the help of X-rays, it has become very easy to locate the injury or the fracture of the patient. The inventions of penicillin, antibiotics, and radium have proved very useful. Operations are performed painlessly. Many dangerous diseases like T.B. and cancer are no longer considered dangerous. Plastic surgery enables an ugly woman to become a beautiful belle. The discoveries of science can give us a new heart. Dr Bernard of South Africa made history when he transplanted the heart of a dead person into the body of a living person. An Indian born scientist Dr Har Gobind Khorana has made the gene, the smallest unit of life in the laboratory. This is an amazing achievement in science. It has the production of the test tube baby.

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Science has revolutionized the world of existing machines. Computers and smartphones are doing the work calculations of thousands of clerks. There are thinking machines which can do brain work, and which can handle records. The invention of tractors, threshers, and harvesters has made the task of agriculture a pleasant one. Scientific research in agriculture had improved the quality of seeds, cattle, and manure. Better fertilizers are available. They have increased food production many times more than before.

Science has also brought remarkable improvement in the sanitary condition of towns and cities. Underground sewerage, better roads, and a flush system are the achievements of science. Insecticides, pesticides, and disinfectants which are the products of science, have eliminated the harm done by locusts and pests to crops.

“Nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so” – Shakespeare

Thus, it is clear that science had brought many blessings to mankind. If science is used properly, it can reduce the suffering of man. Though science has brought countless blessings to mankind yet the question is raised whether it is a curse also. It makes life comfortable but it is also the devil. It can reduce the whole into ashes in no time. No doubt atomic energy has brought a revolution in human civilization, but at the same time, nuclear weapons can destroy the whole world in no time. The example of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is before us. Science has produced many deadlier weapons which made wars very horrible. The man was never so insecure as he is today.

Science as blessing or curse

Science has also polluted our atmosphere. Our seas, river, and lakes are dead and dying. There are no values and morality. The advanced countries and exploiting poor countries. Man has developed materially but he has made no moral progress.

In reality, there is nothing wrong with science, it is up to man to the knowledge either for development or destruction. The fault does not lie with the science but with the user. Main has misused science for his selfish gains. So, it is up to man to use the enormous power of science for the promotion of the peace and happiness of mankind. It should never be used for a negative or evil purpose. The wonders of science ought to be used for the welfare of mankind.

Science in the Service of Humanity

Science has emerged as the most reverent and influential figure of the twentieth century. Its influence and contribution can be felt in every walk of life. Innumerable are indeed its services rendered to and blessings showered upon humanity.

Science has revolutionized our outlook ad transformed our thought and approach. Narrow mindedness, superstitions, and shortsightedness, all have been thrown to the winds. It has dispelled ignorance and illiteracy. It has enabled man, who once upon a time was the caveman, to conquer the universe that was a mystery for him otherwise.

Science has done wonders in every sphere. Electricity, a gift of science, has changed the face of the world. Modern life is unimaginable in the absence of electricity. It has speeded up many processes and has given birth to many labour-saving devices. Cooking devices, refrigerators, heaters, radio, television, telegraphy, computers and much more, all owe their working to electricity.

Science has considerably improved the means of communication and modes of transport. The inventions like the computer, the internet, mobile phone, the radio, television, printing press, etc. are landmarks in the field of communication. Modern means of transport have (reduced) shrunk the world to a global village. Aeroplanes, spaceships, trains, etc. have brought people of the world close to each other. Air traffic is becoming more and more popular. The spaceships are going to the other planets. Soon interplanetary traffic shall be possible.

Wonderful life-saving drugs, vaccines, surgeries, x – rays, USG, transplantation of organs, etc. are miraculous achievements of science. They have lessened man‘s sufferings and have made human life safer and longer. Science is on way to cure cancer and AIDS.

Space exploration and magnificent advancement in agriculture have boosted man‘s self-confidence up. The invention of atomic energy is another wonder of science. If it is put to constructive use, it will be a boon to humanity.

Really science is a blessing in absolute service of man if used towards positive ends.

Science – A Blessing or a Curse


Advantages and Disadvantages of Science

The modern era is the era of science. It has changed the outlook of modern man. It has influenced each and every field of life. We cannot think of life without science these days. It has given us so many useful things. Science has given us electricity. It not only gives us light but also drives our numerous machines. With the help of electricity, we can keep our rooms warm in winter and cool in summer. There are electric heaters for cooking food. Hospitals, banks, schools, colleges and universities, offices etc. cannot function without electricity. There is hardly any gadget which does not function on electricity.

Science has made travel easy and comfortable. In ancient times people used to walk on foot long distances. They could at the most use horses and camels. These days we have bikes, cars, buses, trains, planes and ships as a means of transport. There are trucks, lorries and goods trains for carrying loads.

Science has given us the telephone, the mobile, the wireless, the internet and the computer as a means of communication. With the help of these gadgets, we can contact our relatives and friends living in any part of the world. We cannot think of life these days without them. Science has given us the printing press. As a result, several newspapers, journals and periodicals, books and magazines are being published every day. They keep the people abreast of what is happening around the world.

But if we turn to the other side of the picture, science has invented numerous modern weapons of human destruction like submarines, magnetic tanks, long-range guns, high explosive bombs, napalm( fire) bombs, poison gases and many other horrible weapons have been invented.

But perhaps the most destructive of all weapons of war atom and the hydrogen bombs. Two bombs dropped on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed millions of people in a minute. We are now told that hydrogen bombs developed by the U.S.A. and Soviet Russia are thousand times more destructive than the Atom Bomb. It is said that the next war, God forbid, will be a nuclear war and the poor mankind will be wiped out completely from the face of the earth.

Despite all these disadvantages, science is a good servant of man. It can be used for constructive purposes only if we wish. It is said that science is a good servant but a bad master.

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