Essay on The Wasp

Wasps are insects that are closely related to bees and ants. The wasp is known as a stinging insect, but only the females have a sting. There are thousands of kinds of wasps. They are found around much of the world, except for the coldest regions.

Like other insects, a wasp’s body with three main parts. These parts consist of the head, thorax, and abdomen. It also has six legs and two antennae(feelers). Most wasps have wings and can fly. Wasps may be yellow or dark in colour. Some have two colours, and others have stripes.

A wasp hatches from an egg as a larva, which somewhat resembles a tiny worm. When the larva reaches its full size, it spins a covering called a cocoon. Inside the cocoon, the larva changes into a pupa, and then into an adult wasp. This process is called metamorphosis

The adult wasp drinks the sweet nectar of flowers. Some wasps hunt insects and spiders to provide food for their young.

There are two main types of wasps. One type lives mostly alone. This group includes digger wasps and mud daubers. These wasps dig nests in the ground or hollow twigs. They may also build nests of mud.

The other type of wasp lives in family groups. This type includes hornets and yellow jackets. Each family group has a queen that lays eggs. Workers in the group build the nest and care for the young. They make their nests of paper. The females make the paper by chewing up plants or old wood. Scientists identify such wasps as social insects. Ants and some bees are also social insects.

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