500 + Words Essay On Beti Padhao Desh Bachao In English


Beti Padhao, Desh Badho

Men and women make up our society. In the past, men were viewed as the most important members of a family. They were in charge of the family’s financial well-being and made all of the family’s major decisions. Women, on the other hand, were expected to take care of the house and raise the children. As a result, gender had a significant role in determining job descriptions. Women were excluded from all decision-making processes. If we assess our entire sector, then research says that women’s issues are either focused on her reproductive role and her body or on her economic role as a worker.However, none of them are geared toward empowering women.

Almost every country, regardless matter how progressive it appears on the surface, has a history of maltreatment of women. Women empowerment came as a breath of fresh air due to the fact that women were not permitted to make independent decisions. It educated young women about their rights and the significance of charting their own course in society rather than relying on a man. She understood that things cannot be arranged in someone’s favour just on the basis of their gender. However, we have a long way to go when it comes to discussing why we need it.

In other words, women over the world have been rebellious in order to achieve the status they currently enjoy. While western countries continue to make progress, third world countries such as India continue to fall behind in terms of women empowerment.

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Women empowerment is more necessary than ever in India. India is one of the countries where women are not safe. This is for a variety of reasons. To begin, women in India face the threat of honour killings. Their family believes it is justified to take their lives if they bring shame to their legacy’s reputation.

Additionally, the education and freedom scenario is quite backward in this country. Women are not permitted to seek higher education and are often married off at an early age. Men continue to dominate women in some locations, as though the woman must work for him indefinitely. They do not allow them to leave or exercise any form of freedom.

Additionally, domestic violence is a significant issue in India. Men beat and abuse their wives because they believe women are their property. Even more so, because women are fearful of speaking up. Similarly, women who do work earn less than men. Paying someone less for the same task simply because of their gender is blatantly unfair and sexist. Thus, we can see why women empowerment is critical at the moment. We must empower these ladies to speak up against injustice and never be a victim of it.

There are numerous ways to empower women. People and government must work cooperatively to make this a reality. Girls’ education must be made compulsory so that women do not become illiterate and unable to support themselves. The slogan Beti Padhao, Desh Badho should be raised with a true heart.

Education is the most effective weapon for women’s empowerment and also contributes to the country’s overall growth. Education may make a difference in a woman’s life. As India’s first prime minister famously stated, “If you educate a man you educate an individual, however, if you educate a woman you educate a whole family”. Women empowered means mother India empowered. A well-educated women will advocate for the education of other females in her community, mentor them, and serve as a better role model for her children. Education enables women to develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and the ability to sustain themselves financially. Education also contributes to lowering infant death rates since an educated woman is aware of her health care options, applicable laws, and her rights.

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Educating a woman benefits both her and society’s progress. With the right education, women can advance socially, economically, and professionally. Women continue to be denied the right to education in rural India. Education would also assist to minimise child marriage, which is still prevalent in some parts of India, and will aid in population management.

The government has implemented a number of initiatives throughout the years to raise awareness for women’s education, including the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Operation Black-Board, and Beti Padhaoo Beti Bachao. Education enables women to distinguish between the good and the bad, to alter their perspective, way of thinking, and method of dealing with situations. Education enables women to achieve self-sufficiency. In comparison to other countries, Indian women have the lowest literacy rate. Education is a vital human right that should not be denied to anyone. Education enables individuals to achieve basic needs and develop the confidence necessary to speak out against domestic violence or sexual harassment. Contribute to change by empowering a woman through education.

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