Choosing Good Books to Read

Choosing Good Books to Read

A well – know writer Bacon says about books:

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewing and digested… “

A book is a bank of wonderful and groundbreaking thoughts. It contains the essence of the writer’s life and experience written in an enchanting language. When you examine an incredible writer, you feel yourself in his company and it changes your life amazingly.

Believe me, books are more faithful than human friends. We can always take advantage of their company whereas a sincere friend is not always available. Whenever I am in the dismal mood I can conveniently open some books and console my mind. A friend can desert to deceive me a book will always remain faithful. A paper has more patience than a human being. A noble friend can make your career and a fiendish friend will ruin it. Books are always similarly friends. A decent book can make you a great man someday while a bad one can influence you badly. Unfortunately these days it is very hard to find a good companion in the form of a human being. People then advice- “Better alone than in a bad company “. I such circumstances books can help a lot. Someone has rightly put it,

“My never failing friends are they
With whom I converse night and day”

Good books to read

Moreover, the explosion and dissemination of knowledge is a special feature of the modern era. Thousands of books have been and are progressively being published on the various branches of knowledge. The invention of the printing press has revolutionised the book world and it has spread knowledge swiftly like a bullet. This process is continuously going on.

The number of books in each field human study has now enormously increased that time has come and it is now inevitable also to develop a method about the right selection of books. Moreover, there is a larger reading public now. The reading public has a great variety of tastes. It is only natural that books should shape themselves after the tastes of the readers. Hence we find in the libraries or educational institutions many books of such a nature that a very few readers read and fewer still read profitably. There are books of permanent value as also books of temporary interest: good books or bad books. It depends on the reader to make a wise and judicious choice of books.

Good books to read

The value and importance of reading books have been recognized by all. Books containing gems of thoughts and pearls of wisdom. We read books for profit and pleasure. The lives and careers of great men have often been influenced by some great another person. Books contain a record of wonderful ideas and actions of great men. Even illiterate persons like Akbar loved books to be read out to them. Holy Quran was the greatest influence Allama Iqbal and Gita had the greatest influence on Gandhi. General Montgomery loved. to carry the biography of Oliver Cromwell in his pocket.

Choice of good books to read depends upon the individual taste and temperament. A person interested in fiction would take up the novels of Hardy, Dickens, Thackeray, Galsworthy, Arnold Bennett and Somerset Maugham. Students interested in philosophy and logic would love to read books of Plato and Socrates. In any public library, there is a large no of being on a variety of topics. Readers of mediocre intelligence do not know which book to read and which to avoid. Even beginners in any subject do not know the type of books they should read.

Good books to read

They are not well informed.

Their tastes have not developed. Nor do they know about the relative merits of books. To an average reader, one good book is as good as the other. The help of a librarian is required here.
It has been rightly said that the choice of books is as important as the choice of friends. One may quarrel with a friend and may part with him. But books have great patience than a man. There are few chances of a man brushing off the ideas that he has gleaned from a book. Written words have sanctity about them. It is very difficult to shake off their influence.
Books are good, great; bad and undesirable. Some books are dry as dust while others are quite interesting. The reader of an average intelligence leans towards interesting books. But it is not true to say that all the interesting books are good books. Some books which are actually dry have great intellectual appeal whereas interesting books tend to make us superficial and shallow.

It may not be possible to study all the books on a particular subject. The best thing would be to read the best books on that subject. We should be anxious to keep ourselves agrees with the general march of knowledge. A well-educated man must be well read in classics of a language, both in prose and verse. There was a time when young people were advised not to touch novels even with a pair of tongs. But now things have changed. It is considered useful to read novels, short stories and plays etc.
It is difficult to lay down any hard and fast rules that may be applied to the choice of books. Even the best public libraries have failed to evolve any clear formula for selecting the right kind of books. The broad principle is that we should choose to read widely in the department or discipline that most suits our tastes, or helps in our vocation or gives us the greatest profit.

Good books to read

Or consult your learned elders and buy some good books for you. You can also approach your school /college librarian, he will issue you a good book. He has experience in the right book for you. It is far better to study such books than sit idle at home.

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