Satisfaction Leads To Peace

A story that changes your thinking !!
It was a breezy Monday morning. Everyone was enjoying University except Ali. As always, he was sitting on a bench in a depressed mood, thinking about stupid things.
Suddenly his classmate Amir came and asked for help with a project. Ali refused because he thinks Amir is a selfish person. He didn’t even ask about today’s presentation preparation.

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As always, he becomes sadder!!
His classmates start staying away from him because he is always complaining.
One night, while sitting outside the cafeteria eating a burger, he was thinking about pizza. He starts complaining to God that he can’t even fulfil his little wishes. Like always, this causes him to become even more depressed and unthankful,

Satisfaction leads to peace,

One day, he saw a beggar sitting on the sidewalk. Somebody came and gave him some money. The beggar went to the cafeteria and purchased a loaf of bread. He shared with two other people. This made the beggar happy and he gave thanks to God, again and again.

Ali became angry. He asked the beggar “you don’t have good food, nice clothes or home, why are you so happy and thankful?”

The beggar replied, “I didn’t have this bread before, but God scares me. He gave me food, good friends and I can sleep on a bench. I have a healthy mind and body. Some people don’t even have this!”

It was the turning point of Ali’s life.

After one year!! Tan tan tanaaaa
Ali stood first in his class, and he is known as a good student at the university. He has many friends.
He learned that Whatever knowledge he shares, he never forgets!
No complaints. No stress!
Satisfaction leads to peace!
Building others up, encouraging and motivating others, all benefit him!
He understands the meaning of THANKS!!.

Moral: A man was crying because he has no shoes until he finds a man who has no feet.

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