Gul Khan’s eyes were filled with tears. He was controlling his tears for his hunger, polishing the boots of Seth Usman’s son, who was of his own age. Seth Uthman’s son made Gul Khan to polished his boot. When he finished polishing his shoes Uthman’s son searched a ten rupee note in the pocket to give him but he pretended he could not find one and started away.

“I worked hard to shine your shoes and you did not even give me my wages, which was my right.” Gul Khan caught the hand Seth Usman’s sin but he angrily pushed him and Gul Khan fell down. Seth Usman stood away watching this scene.

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He came and slapped his son on the face. The son got disturbed and Gul Khan was afraid. When he cleaned his tear and walked, Seth Usman called him loudly and he stopped. Seth stood in the lawn outside his house- he pointed to the chairs on the lawn and asked his son and Gul Khan to sit on the chairs.

Ward Working Beats Poverty

This was a strange surprise scenario for both boys. They did not understand anything. Gul Khan was shocked and sat on the chair with moisture in his eyes. He was annoyed that he was insulted. At least Seth Osman started saying: “Son! Forty years ago my parents met a road accident when I was ten years old. I came to this city with one of my relatives. I was alone in the world and had no means to earn for food and shelter. I reached here and started boot polishing. In this city, I had to spend a lot of horrible and very difficult time.

We had to sleep on the footpath for many days hungry and parched. I saw the children of my age begging on the streets but my conscience stopped me every time from begging. It supported me. I preferred to work hard. To please the people I would shine their shoes. When I lay down to sleep, my arms would feel severe pain, but I worked hard and adopted it as a job.

Many other homeless boys would sleep with me under a shed of the factory. The owner of the shed often came to see us and advised us to never beg but work hard for food because Allah likes the hard worker and rewards him.

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He also told us the famous saying of Ali Mohammad Jina, “Work, work and work”. The good-hearted person would also feed us two or three times a week, and we would also be able to save money earned by hard work.
One morning the owner of this factory called me and said: “Today our one worker has not come. If you work in his place then you will get more money. I’ll guide you in the work.” I got ready. Subsequently, that worker left his job as he did not return. In this way, I became the permanent employee of the factory and then I also started getting an education. I would work during the day time and study late in the night.


When Gul Khan heard the praising words of Seth Usman, he raised his head proudly and tears of happiness began to be reflected in his eyes. Seth then said to the son: “You have to beg to apologize from Gul Khan because the time is unpredictable. One does not know of coming times that Gul Khan becomes one day a great man in the city and time should force you to live in poverty.” Gul Khan was seeing Seth Usman with astonishment and his son was watching Gul Khan with the feeling of shame and guilt.Hard Working Beats Poverty 1

Hard Working Beats Poverty


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