How Belief’s Work (A True story)

It was the time of second world war. An american soldier was severely wounded and taken to a military hospital. The doctor had to remove a bullet from his stomach by doing an operation. The soldier was on the bed. The doctor ordered the nurse to give the soldier some required amount of anaesthetic.

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But the nurse worried. The nurse called the doctor into another room and said something to the doctor secretly. Then the doctor murmured in the nurse’s ear. They returned to the soldier’s bed. The doctor was going to start the operation.

The doctor said “Nurse, give anaesthetic to our beloved soldier”.

The nurse said “Yes doctor. I’m giving anaesthetic”.

The doctor said loudly “Give more anaesthetic. Our beloved soldier should not feel any pain. He should feel a complete relaxation”.

The nurse said “Yes doctor. I am giving more anaesthetic to our soldier. So he will not get any pain. He will get a great relaxation. “.

Then the nurse gave an injection to the soldier. Then the soldier felt a complete relaxation. Within 10 minutes, the doctor removed the bullet from the soldier.

The doctor asked the soldier “Did you feel any pain?”

The soldier said “No doctor. The nurse gave me more anaesthetic. So I had no pain.”

In fact, the nurse did not give any anaesthetic to the soldier. The whole anaesthetic in the hospital was already used for other soldiers and there was no anaesthetic left for this soldier.

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Following the suggestion of the doctor, the nurse injected salt water to the soldier. But the doctor and the nurse pretended as they were giving anaesthetic to the soldier.

The soldier strongly believed that he was given more anaesthetic by listening to the discussion of the doctor and the nurse. That strong belief worked as a medicine. That strong belief avoided the pain during the operation. That strong belief gave him relaxation.

Belief works wonderfully. Belief makes an impossible thing into a possible thing. Belief makes a poor student into a brilliant student. Belief makes a poor man into a rich man.

Believe in yourself. Have a deep unshakable belief in your abilities. Believe you can win. Then you will change everything and win everything.

Words You May Not Know

Anaesthetic (noun) = a medicine that makes a person unable to feel pain.
Murmur (verb) = say something in a very low voice.
Wound (noun) = physical damage to your body.
Wound (verb) = have physical damage to your body.

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