The Secret to Survive

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The Secret to Survive (A True story)

There was a Jew in Crown Brooklyn, New York. His name was Yankel. He had a bakery there. Once upon a time, he was a victim of cruel Nazi camps of Hitler. He frequently tells his story to other people :

“I was just a teenager at that time. We were on a train. More than 100 Jews were on the train. We were being taken to Auschwitz, Poland. Night came and it was deadly cold in the compartment. The Germans used to leave the compartments on the tracks overnight. For many days, We had no food and no blanket.

An old man sat beside me. I recognized he was from my hometown. He was shivering from head to toe. We talked for a few minutes in a friendly manner.

The weather became more horrible. The temperature dropped below minus 5 degrees. All we people faced a terrible situation. Our blood started becoming ice. The old man was unable to bear the cold. I wrapped my arms around him and began rubbing him to create heat in his body. I rubbed his arms, his legs, his face, and his neck. I begged him to tolerate the terrible cold.

I kept the man warm this way all night. I’ve been tired. I’ve been freezing. My fingers got numb. But I didn’t stop rubbing the body of this man. I continued this way hours and hours.

The night finally went by, the morning came and the sun began to shine. In the cabin, there was some warmth. Then I looked over the chamber to see other Jews. I’ve been shocked. All I could see were dead bodies frozen.

Nobody else could win the horrible cold night. All people died from the cold. Only two people survived: the old man and me. The old man survived because I kept him warm; I survived because I was warming him. While I was generating heat in his body, automatically heat was generated in my body. So I could survive.

The Secret to Survive

The Secret to Survive

May I tell you the secret to survive in this world? If you give support, help, encouragement, inspiration, love, mercy to other people, you will get them back automatically and magically. That is the secret of life.”

Word Bank

Jew (noun) = a person who belongs to the religion “Judaism”
Deadly (adjective) = causing death
Overnight (adjective) = during the night
Wrap (verb) = cover something with something to protect it
Freeze (verb) = become ice because of extreme cold
Warm (verb) = become warm; make something warm
Warmth (noun) = the state of being warm
Frozen (adjective) = extremely cold; with a layer of ice on the surface
Numb (adjective) = unable to feel in the normal way
Survive (verb) = continue to live in a dangerous time
Generate (verb) = produce or create something

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