Some Bricks are Soft

Some Bricks are Soft ( A short story )


Mr John is very happy. Because today he is going to his office by his newly bought costly car. He is very enthusiastic to show his new car to his office friends. He started the car and going on the road. He is experiencing the luxurious facilities in his car. The car is going so smoothly on the road.

Suddenly a brick came to the car and smashed the front mirror. John applied the brakes and stopped the car.

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He opened the door, stepped out the car, closed the door and saw a 10-year-old boy. John asked, ” are you the one who threw the brick ?”

The boy said worryingly “Yes sir”.

Immediately John grabbed the kid and he slapped the boy hard across his face, furiously. He shouted at the kid, “who are you? Just what the hell are you doing? It’s my new car. Do you know the cost of my car? Do you want to play in my car? That brick you threw is going to cost you a lot of money. Do you know that? who is your father? where is he?”

The boy said worryingly “Sir …wait..sir..wait, please. I did not know what to do. So I smashed your car mirror to stop the car. My father and I came to the vegetable market. we bought some vegetables and returned to the house. But my father fell down. He collapsed with a heart attack. I need to take him to the hospital. He has some money in his pockets. I took them. But I did not know how to take him to the hospital. He is very heavy. I cannot carry him to the hospital on my hands.

Some Bricks are soft

John saw a 40-year-old man collapsed on the platform beside the road. John understood the situation very clearly. He regretted slapping the kid. In no time, John rushed to the boy’s father, lifted him and took him into his car. John and the boy sat in the front seats of the car. The car started and moved fast to the hospital.

We are too fast in our life to see others. If we slow down and see, we can see many people who need our help. Some bricks are softer than others. Feel for the bricks of life coming at you. Those bricks do not harm us. Those bricks give us satisfaction.


1. Why is Mr John happy?

2. Why does the boy throw a stone at the car?

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3. Why did Mr John regret on sleeping the boy?

4. What is the message of the story?

Word Bank

Smash (verb) = break something into many pieces
Grab (verb) = take something into your hand suddenly and roughly
Furiously (adverb) = very angrily
Worryingly ( adverb) = with worry
Collapse (verb) = fall down and become unconscious because you are very ill
Rush (verb) = move/ do something with great speed
Enthusiastic (adjective) = very active
In no time (Idiom) = very quickly
assistance (noun) = help

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