About the Author: Kamala Das (1934—) is a leading poet from Kerala who writes both in English and Malayalam. She is known for her poetry in English and short stories in Malayalam. She was awarded the Kerala Sahitya Academy Prize in 1967 and the Asian World Prize for poetry in 1985 apart from innumerable other honours. She draws on her experiences as a woman in her writings.

My Mother at Sixty Six | Summary

This is a heart touching poem by the Indian poet Kamla Das, whose pen name is Madhavikutty. In this wonderful poem, she describes her sentiment of love and filial attachment towards her ageing mother. The poem consists of 20 lines without a full stop which makes it easy to flow and comprehend.

The poet came to visit her mother once. She was on her way back to the airport to go back to Cochin. She looked at her mother sitting in the car next to her. Her mother went to sleep and her old face was smoky like ash. She opened her mouth and looked like a dead body. The poet knew her mother was old. She felt her pain and sympathy. Her mother needed affection, love and care.

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To get out of the sorrowful feeling, the poet shifted his gaze and looked out of the car window. There she saw the passage of young trees. Little children were running into the playground out of their homes. These things were contrary to her mother’s ageing face. They symbolised energy, life and good fortune.

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