To Blossoms | Questions and Answers and Summary

To Blossoms | Questions and Answers and Summary 1

To Blossoms | Questions and Answers and Summary

To Blossoms

Central idea: The poem “ To Blossoms ” tells us that all living things must blur. It’s all transient. People also come into this world, put some energy into it, and finally disappear. Every spirit, therefore, resembles a flower that sprouts and decorates this planet for some time and then at the end of time fades away. The poem ‘To Blossoms’ reflects this very fate of living beings.

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To Blossoms | Summary

The poem To Blossoms by Robert Herrick is addressed to the flowers of a tree. When he sees the beautiful flowers of the tree he is filled with happiness. But his heart soon becomes hurtful and solemn when he realizes that the flowers will not last long. The poet wonders, “Why did nature bring such beautiful blossoms if they were to fade away swiftly?” He laments over the rapidly decaying flowers of the tree that fall so early, but the time has not passed. He asks for trees not to shed their leaves so quickly that their time is not yet gone.

He then compares the early departure of the tree with man’s short life. The poet also expresses his view that we are sad about our short life, but everyone must leave early like the leaves of the fruit tree in this eternal world.

Thus, the poet reflects on the short-lived nature of worldly things: flowers, youth and beauty, and all around. The poet compares the flowers with the leaves of a book in which the fate of all things can be read. Every living thing has to meet the same end: death. Therefore, man can learn a lesson from the fading blooms as he comes close to his tomb.

To Blossoms

To Blossoms

To Blossoms | Paraphrase

Robert Herrick’s poem ” To Blossoms ” praises the beautiful flowers of the tree. By ‘pledges’ the poet alludes to the indication of the rice crop. The poet appears grieved because of the rapid fall of the flowers. The poet, full of sorrow, asks the flowers why they fall so soon. He says their days haven’t passed yet. They wouldn’t hurry to expire.

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