Summary: The poem”Prayer” is originally written by G.A.Mehjoor.He was born on August 11 in the year 1887 in Mitrigam area of Pulwama of south Kashmir and died at the age of 66 on April 9 in the year 1952. Former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh released a postage stamp in his honour on June 26 in the year 2013.

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The poem is addressed to God. The poet implores his Lord to lead him to the path of truth. He has been, since long past, dwelling in the house of ignorance, so he requests his Lord to pour upon him the nectar of knowledge. He wants his Lord to be receptive to his wailings and pleas, and give him rid of all ills and pains. He implores Him to be always kind to him so that he will never feel himself in want. He earnestly requests Him to save him from sloth, infirmity, and doubt, and surcharge his heart with passion, zest, and hope.

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The poet begs his Lord to spare him from chanting sleep inducing tales, and instead let him sing such songs that will infuse life into the dead. He wants his songs should inspire the people with love and remove hatred from them. He aspires his life should flourish with spring blossoms and it is spared from stifling heat of summer. He wants to be awakened with flowers in the first stroke of dawn.
The poet also implores his Lord not to put him to harsh tests lest his human form should be put to shame. The poet has always felt being deserted by the people so he implores his Lord not to desert him.


Mahjoor has profound confidence in the power and supremacy of God and he additionally has firm faith in the endowments of Prophet Mohammad (SAW). He believes that the salvation of a man from a wide range of troubles and challenges is conceivable just when one would dedicate himself to God and the Prophet (SAW). He demonstrates this soul and dedication in these verses:

“Sahib sath chum me cheeni with me as lich hawt

Kut Kala rose to be an, Zan hand mas charter”

Mahjoor through his undying stanzas teaches lessons about nature, love, harmony, solidarity, confidence in God, maintaining human values, pointlessness of strife’s, envy, contempt, and he also touches the mind of the general population by awaking their conscience, and advocates the concern of poor people, discouraged, and stifled labourers. He perpetually shows his country to figure out how to live with respect and pride and battle for their lost character and opportunity. He attempts to restore and fortify the conclusions of the general population to battle against bad form brutality and insurgency. He because of his interesting style of composing has earned a godlike place in the Kashmiri writing. His lyrics uncover that he is an artist with grandiose beliefs and goals and convey home to one’s mind that his verse gets control from the force and truthfulness of his encounters and build up the way that what originates from the heart goes to the heart and after that appear as strong and engaging imaginative manifestations. He feels profoundly yet his feelings are quiet and tranquil and it’s anything but a fierce enthusiasm. He is straightforward and composes with the extraordinary assortment and it is this particular aesthetic quality that he has possessed the capacity to compose verses, melodies, tributes, funeral poems, writing, life story, novel, interpretations, and feedback. The abstract commitments of Mahjoor obviously demonstrate that as a writer he is so intense and creative that he has possessed the capacity to move his perusers stylishly, profoundly, ethically and socially as well as mentally. The extent and universe of Mahjoor’s inventive workmanship are so tremendous and vast that there can be no closure of research and any investigation toward this path will be considered as the greatest.service to this nation.

Question No.1. Which way the does poet implore his Lord to lead him to?

Ans. The poet implores his Lord to lead him to the way of truth. He also Him to remove all his doubts and darkness of ignorance.

Question NO.2. Name the blessings that the poet prays for?

Ans. The poet prays for the path of truth. He prays for the nectar of knowledge. He prays that his heart is surcharged with passion, zest, and hope. Above all, he implores his Lord to save him from sloth and infirmity.

Question No.3. What is it that the poet wants to sing?

Ans. The poet wants to sing those songs which will infuse life even into the dead and will inspire people to come under the same umbrage of love and eradicate the bitterness and hatred from their hearts.

Question No.4. “Subject me not to the trials, shame not my human form”, explain?

Ans. The poet shows his humble submission before his Lord. He knows that if his Lord puts him to the trials, he is sure to collapse. Hence he begs his Lord to spare him from the trials because he is sure to fail, and this way his human form be ashamed.

Question No.5. Identify the similes’ and metaphors in the poem ‘prayer’.

Ans. There are only two similes used in the poem as given here:

a) ‘Like dew how long shall I wait for the first flash of the sun’.

b) Awaken me with (like) the flowers in the first stroke of the dawn

There are, however, many metaphors, which are:
Dwell in ignorance;

Nectar of knowledge;

The way of truth;

You are my hope and trust;

You brought me to bloom.


Read the following extract carefully and complete the summary by filling in the blanks: Lord! You are my hope and trust, lead me to the way of truth; How long shall I dwell in ignorance! Pour me the nectar of knowledge. Lend ear to my wailing and pleas, cure me of ills and pains; Be kind each moment to me; Let me never feel in want. Save me from Sloth, infirmity, and doubt. Surcharge my heart with passion, zest, and hope.


The poet calls (a) ______his hope & trust. He calls upon God to lead him to the path of truth. The poet has so far been living a life of (b) _____. He prays to God to bless him with the (c) _____. The poet prays to God to cure him of his (d) ______. He wants God to be kind to him each moment. He does not want to feel (e) _____of anything in his life. So, he prays to God to “fill his heart” to save him from (f) _____. He prays to God to fill his heart with passion, enthusiasm, and hope.

Answers: a) God, b) Ignorance, c) Nectar of Knowledge, d) Ills & Pains, e) Want, f) Laziness and Weakness

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