Life Class 8th – Questions and Answers and Summary (NCERT Solutions)

This dialogue is gotten from a dramatic ballad initially written in Dogri language, which was interpreted in English by Shiv Nath and has been presented here as a prose lesson. The passing wind questions to various things from universe, for example, stars, moon, clouds, ocean, earth, and the young girl a similar question, that is, “What is life?” Everyone gives its very own definition about life as per their own understanding.

Global Warming – Summary and Questions Answers Class 8th

Global Warming - Summary and Questions Answers Class 8th 1

Global Warming Questions And Answers Class 8th The term global warming refers to the general increase in the average temperature of the earth caused by the presence of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, causing changes in climate patterns throughout the globe. SUMMARY OF GLOBAL WARMING Global Warming is one of the major threats to the … Read more

Poets and Pancakes – Summary and Questions and Answers Class 12

This piece, Poets and Pancakes, is taken from Asokamitran’s book ‘My Years with Boss’. He was a Tamil writer, writing about his years in the company. He  worked in The Gemini Studios. His duty was to cut out newspaper clipping on a wide variety of subjects and preserve them in files.

The Pilgrim: Summary, Paraphrase and Question Answers

The poem ‘The Pilgrim’ is an inspiring and thought- provoking poem written by an unknown poet. This poem is about an old man who crosses the chasm in the evening and learns that anyone who comes after him would have to face the same difficulties as he faced while crossing the chasm.So he stops to  build a bridge for an unknown youth traveller who is going to follow the same path after him even though the old man know that he himself never ever have the chance to cross that bridge.

Where The Mind is Without Fear by Rabindranath Tagore|Summary and Questions and Answers

Rabindranath Tagore is one of the best Indian writers. The poem “Where the mind is without fear” was written during the time when India was struggling to free itself from British rule. In this poem, he expresses his love for his country and prays to the Almighty for his well-being. The poem was written in one sentence. Metaphor and personification have been used in different parts of the poem.

Prayer for Strength By Rabindranath Tagore Summary and Questions Answers

Prayer for Strength is the inspiring poem of the versatile Rabindranath Tagore. The poem is in the form of a prayer, and the poet asks the Lord to grant him power so that he can conquer all the hurdles of life. He prays for strength to help the poor and he wants to always bow down before the will of God.

The Bangle Sellers By Sarojini Naidu Summary, Theme and Questions and Answers Class 8th

The Bangle Sellers By Sarojini Naidu Introduction The poem “The Bangle Sellers” is written by Sarojini Naidu. The poem is about bangles and bangle sellers. The bangle sellers carry loads of bangles to sell at the fairs. The bangles are delicate bright and colourful circles of light. As a woman journeys through the different stages … Read more

Global Warming – A Catastrophe In The Making: Summary and Questions Answers

Global Warming is one of the major threats to human race. It refers to the rise of by about 0.80C. It’s main reason is the increase in the greenhouse gases produced by human activities. Global Warming will increase sea water levels and canse extreme weather events including heat waves, droughts and heavy rainfall.

The Unthankful Man (From Panchtantra): Summary and Questions Answers Class 8th

The Unthankful Man SUMMARY IN ENGLISH This is a story about thanklessness. Raman was a poor Brahmin who lived on the outskirts of a small town. He was so poor that he and his wife had to remain hungry for days together. His wife was fed up with their poverty. So Raman decided to go … Read more

Polythene: A Disaster: Summary and Question Answers Class 8th

Polythene: A Disaster Summary Hundreds of new products are appearing in the market every day, which are dramatically proliferating into the common man’s life. Polythene is one such product, which due to its ease of use, hardiness, lightweight, waterproof nature and low cost has found wide applicability in modern society. It is largely used for … Read more

A Nation’s Strength: Summary, Analysis and Questions and Answers

A Nation’s Strength Central Idea: A Nation’s Strength is a beautiful patriotic poem written by “R.W. Emerson.” In this tiny poem, the poet reveals the secret of a nation’s strength. The poet asks several questions to discover the secret of the nation’s strength and he himself answers these questions. He says that the strength of … Read more

Summary and Questions Answers of Excellent Father Class 10th Tulip English

An Excellent Father is an extract from Jane Austen’s famous novel ‘Pride and Prejudice’. The main theme of the play is marriage. The novel shows how women marry men they are not in love with simply to gain financial security. The important characters of this passage are Mr and Mrs Bennet, Jane, Elizabeth and Mr Bingley.