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Long Walk To Freedom – NCERT Solutions ( Questions Answers and Summary) Class 10 Tulip English

This wonderful chapter titled "Long Walk to Freedom" is an extract taken from "Long Walk to Freedom" which is the famous autobiography of Nelson Mandela; one of the leading figures of the world. In the autobiography, Nelson Mandela provides thought-provoking insight into political and social emancipation. He extensively talks about the system of government, the strength of courage, the power of love and the shallowness of hatred. He also says that freedom is essential for human dignity and oppression is a tormentor that decimates the dignity and identity of races.
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The Wreck of the Titanic” by Benjamin Peck Keith – Summary, Question Answers Plus One English

As the title alludes,this is a poem about one of the greatest tragedies of the sea, the wreck of the Titanic on 14 April 1912. The ship collided with an huge iceberg and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. However, this disaster has uncovered some of the finest deeds of bravery and heroism of a few people, including Captain Smith and the crew.
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Sunrise on the Hills – Summary and Question Answers Plus One English

The poem, "Sunrise on the Hills" composed by H.W. Longfellow describes the beauty and the glory of nature. Poets believe that Nature has a healing power over man and that he feels enjoyed in the presence of Nature. The musical quality of the poem is truly praiseworthy. The poet used beautiful figurative languages such as simile to make the poem effective and sweet.
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Deep Water|NCERT Solutions – Summary, Theme and Question Answers, Flamingo English Class 12

The story "Deep Waters" shows us how the writer has conquered his fear of water and learned to swim through sheer determination and willpower. The fear of water had grown since childhood. William Douglas was in a position to conquer his apprehension through sheer determination. The message expressed by this story is that it is not death, but fear of death that induces terror in our minds.
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