NCERT Solutions – Question Answers and Summary of The Ghat of The only World | Class 11th English | Snapshots | Chapter 6

Ghat is a Kashmiri word sometimes also used in Urdu. It implies the spot at a river bank from where the boats withdraw to another side. The ghat of the main world implies that after a man finishes his adventure in this world he feels at the entryway of the other world. In this manner, it has been used as a metaphor of death. It implies the point from where a man departs to a different universe what is commonly called hereafter

Papachi’s Moth – Summary and Questions Answers |Class 10 Tulip English

This lesson is an extract from Arundhati Roy’s first novel “The God Of Small Things” which won the Bookers Prize in 1997. Pappachi ( grandfather) is an imperial entomologist prior to his retirement. His name is Shri Benaan John Ipe. His wife Shoshamma Ipe is referred to as Mammachi ( grandmother).

Beauty by John Edward Masefield Questions Answers and Summary | Class 10

The poem, “Beauty” is written by a nature cherishing writer John Edward Masefield. In this romantic poem, the poet compares his beloved to every one of the bounties of nature. But, he discovers her the most beautiful. The poet says that he has seen the magnificence of dawn and dusk of fields and slopes, daffodils, and the growing grasses.