Leh by Andrew Harvey: Questions, Summary 2

Leh by Andrew Harvey: Questions, Summary

NCERT Solutions For Class 12 English

Q. What is the most fascinating thing in Leh?
Answer. Leh is part of Jammu and Kashmir. Its greatest charm it’s slow and relaxed life. It is surrounded by mighty mountain passes, incredible views and stunning sceneries that offer some jaw-dropping experiences and the ultimate thrill of a road trip in India.
The most joyous thing is seeing its palace from every angle and in every light. It provides a different view and experience from a different angle. From below it stand full dazzle of the morning sun. From the side at afternoon, one of its sheer sides ignites slowly in the dusk. From behind, it looks ghostly in the moonlight.

Leh by Andrew Harvey

Leh by Andrew Harvey

Q. In what state is the palace of Leh?
Answer. The palace is in the state of disarray. It is empty and collapsed. In its large vacant rooms and corridors, fat tame mice come out of the dark corners. However, some murals which could remain in the dilapidated walls of the palace reveal the majestic grandeur of the past.

Q. ‘From a distance it looks like a tent.’

1. What does it refer to?
Answer. ‘it’ refers to a suspension bridge that spans the Indus.
2. Why does it look like a tent?
Answer. It looks like a tent because it is covered with prayer flags.

4. Where do the queen and her family live now?
Answer. The queen and her family now live in the smaller palace at Stoke, ten miles away from the Palace of Leh.

5. Why has the bridge been covered with prayer flags? How does the writer react to this sight?
Answer. The prayer flags are used to bless the surrounding country. Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, harmony, sympathy, compassion, and wisdom. The flags do not carry prayers to gods, which is a typical misconception; rather, it is believed that the prayers and mantras will be passed up the wind to spread the good will and compassion into all pervading space.
The writer is stunned and excited by the sight. He says,’It is such a festive and exuberant gesture….’

Q. Why does the writer decide not to enter the Rani’s palace?
Ans. The writer decides not to enter the Rani’s palace because he wants to walk up the trail in the mountains. He wants to be alone with the mountains and the summer streams in the valley.


The author is much attracted by the marks of human love, cordial relations and companionship among the people of Leh. In Leh, people have cordial relations with each other. They pray for Lord Buddha. Human Love exists in them.

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