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Notice Writing 4

Notice Writing

Notice Writing A notice is an effective and easy means of formal communication. It is used to announce or display some important information regarding some issue or event that is going to happen or be organized. A notice is targeted to communicate the information to a specific group of people for immediate attention or participation. …

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Beauty by John Edward Masefield Questions and Summary 5

Beauty by John Edward Masefield Questions and Summary

Summary of the poem “Beauty” by John Edward Masefield The poem, “Beauty” is written by a nature cherishing writer John Edward Masefield. In this romantic poem, the poet compares his beloved to every one of the bounties of nature. But, he discovers her the most beautiful. The poet says that he has seen the magnificence …

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Sheikh Noor ud Din Wali

Sheikh Noor-ud-Din Wali

Sheik Noor-ud-Din Wali (R.A) also prevalently known as”Nund-Reshi”, ” Sheik-ul-Allam” and “Alamdari Kashmir” (R.A). He is without a doubt a spiritual reality with a distinction. Sheik-ul-Alam(R.A) marks the start of Sufism in Kashmir. He was born at Khaimoh in 1377 AD.

The Tempest II 12

The Tempest II

Main Attractions and Facts of The Tempest ➡ The Tempest is said to have been composed in 1610– 11. Since Shakespeare passed away in 1616, also his creation of somewhat later plays like Two Noble Kinsmen is believed to be co-composed with others. The Tempest is viewed as Shakespeare’s last solo work. Ask Your Question? …

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The Tempest I 13

The Tempest I

The Tempest The Tempest is said to be the last play written by William Shakespeare. It is a remarkable play containing wonderful verse and the themes of repentance and reconciliation. There is a violent storm, a shipwreck and a beautiful love story of Miranda and Ferdinand. Summary of The Tempest Prospero is a sorcerer with …

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