Character Sketch of Matilda in The Diamond Necklace

Matilda is the main character in Guy de Maupassant’s The Diamond Necklace. In this post, we will go over the character sketch of Matilda.

Madame Matilda Loisel is a person who is both round and dynamic. Her vanity makes her think that she should be able to get more than what she has. Her looks make her think fate made a mistake. She thinks she was meant for more. When she was unhappy and vain, she lost everything she had, including her youth, beauty, and modest way of life, but at the same time, she learned to grow, accept, and love herself. A lot has changed in her life by the end of the storey.

Matilda Loisel was a pretty young girl who was born into a middle-class family. Her family was middle class and worked as clerks. The family did not have the money to buy her a dowry for her wedding. She did not have any other way to get close to a rich man so that she could be loved or married to him.

Matilda thinks that women who do not have class, wealth, or power are nothing. In order to get into the upper class, women use their beauty, charm, and temptation as tricks. She is, without a doubt, beautiful and attractive. She does not have the chance to get to the top class. It is hard for Matilda to breathe when real life’s “housing,” “walls,” “furniture,” and “clothing” do not match up with the “elegant and luxurious life” in her dreams. How does this work? We get a glimpse of it from Matilda’s “dream” She thinks about the quiet halls with oriental curtains and bronze lamps in them. She dreams of big living rooms with old drapes, delicate woodwork, and rare antiques. She dreams of being close to people and having conversations with the men that most women want to be friends with. She thinks about the beautiful dinners, the masterpieces of silver crystals hanging on the walls, the embroidered characters in costumes, the gardens of Wonderland, and the strange birds. She also thinks about the cheap dishes, like pink carp or grouse wings.

She wants to be envied by women and pursued by men, and she wants to do both of these things. So when her husband invited her to the ball of the Ministry of Education, she knew that this was a great chance for her to meet people in a new way. She might have to make her dream come true and become a figure of attraction that men admire and women want to copy. In her heart, Matilda thought the ball was the key to getting into the upper class, so she wanted to show off the perfect and charming side of herself to everyone else. Besides having beautiful clothes, Matilda has borrowed a string of diamond necklaces from a rich friend, Madame Jeanne Forestier. She has opened the door to fate. A lot of men and women were impressed with Matilda when she went to the ball. These are what she wants and needs. So, she wants to be compared to other people because she is a beautiful and interesting girl, but her status is not very high. When she was born, she did not have a lot of money, and she could not get close to the upper class. This dance made her life shine, and she did well, and her vanity is very happy. Matilda was tempted by the luxurious life of the upper class and had a strong desire to be like them. This led to the tragic end of her life.

Life is like a game. It is not fair to say that Matilda has lost a necklace. It is not a loss, but it is a blessing disguised as a bad thing. Mathilde was not decadent as a result of life’s difficulties. It was the material things and poverty that made her spiritual world even more exciting. In this world, life is more important than anything else. Ten years of hardship made Matilda forget about the problems that always come up in life. She became confident, optimistic, and strong.

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