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Dr A P J Abdul Kalam has served as an inspiration to today’s youth in India. In the speech ‘I Will Fly,’ he emphasises the significance of being distinctive. Individuality and uniqueness are important factors in achieving success. He encourages us to maintain our identity while pursuing our life’s purpose.

 Kalam believes that a young person’s ignited intellect is the most potent resource on the world, beneath the earth, and above the earth. At Paravur in Kerala, he launched a programme called “Sasthrayaan,” which translates as “science propagation.” Sasthrayaan’s objective was to prepare approximately 2,000 students from various schools for careers as engineers, scientists, physicians, and civil officers. “Science Empowers the Nation,” Kalam’s inaugural address was titled. Many raised their hands to ask questions following the address. In this unit, Abdul Kalam discusses the significance of a teenager’s inquiry. The youngster revealed his apprehension about speaking with his teachers and classmates. He acknowledged that he had yet to ask a question in his class. The youngster was adamant about pursuing a career in maritime engineering. Dr Kalam expressed astonishment. He expressed gratitude to the youngster for his inquiry and presented a lovely poem titled “I Will Fly.” By delivering that poem, he inspired the boy’s courage and confidence. He invited him to fly on the wings of goodness, trust, potential, greatness, and assurance. Additionally, he urged them all to be unique by facing the most difficult battles in life. Without a doubt, all of these factors will contribute to our unique journey to our destination.

“I Will Fly” is an adaptation of a speech delivered by Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam. Dr Kalam. In this speech, Kalam asserts that youths should not be fearful of the future because they possess an “ignited mind” capable of conquering anything. He is going to discuss “I was born with wings.”

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Detailed Summary of I Will Fly

Prior to delivering a speech on “I am born with wings,” Kalam recounts an experience from the past. He once went to start a programme named “Sasthrayaan,” which translates as “science propagation.” This programme selects and prepares two thousand students from a community to serve as engineers, scientists, civil employees, managers, and physicians. He spoke about “Science Empowers the Nation” during his inaugural address.

A teenager posed him a perplexing question during the question-and-answer session. The teenager informed him that he lacked confidence. He aspires to be a marine engineer. He aspires to accomplish his goals and thrive in his job. Finally, he inquires of Kalam how he may accomplish his goal. Abdul Kalam stated that upon hearing this query, the adolescent echoed the voices of millions of children throughout India. Many children have no idea what will happen to their future and are unsure whether they will be able to pursue their dreams without encountering obstacles. Then he reads a poem titled “I will fly” in which he asserts that every human being has “potential,” “goodness,” “confidence,” imaginative capacity, and the right to pursue their dreams because, as the poem implies, “I have wings, I will fly.”

Then Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam asserts that each individual is distinct. The majority of children have a desire to “stand out.” However, it is society, especially parents, that makes comparisons between individuals. As a result, everyone becomes a bandwagon, and only a few people remain unique. Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam concludes his address by stating that today’s generation’s greatest problem is figuring out how to develop “a UNIQUE YOU!”

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Ignited Minds of Youth

Today’s youth, according to Dr Kalam, do not need to be concerned about their future. He is convinced that the energised intellect of youth is the universe’s most powerful resource. However, the youth are unaware of this truth. In support of his point, he recounts an experience from his own life. He once watched a show named ‘Sasthrayaan.’ One child stood up at the end of his speech and asked a question. He said that he never asked a question in class. On such occasions, he compared himself to friends, their elegant attire and appearance. He had lost all faith in himself to face them. He, on the other hand, aspired to be a marine engineer. In answer, Dr Kalam quoted ancient poetry, ‘I will soar.’ According to the poetry, everyone was born with potential such as wonderful ideas, excellence, and confidence. Above all, we all have wings that allow us to fly high without crawling on the ground.

You Are Unique

Every youth desires to be one of a kind. They do not want to lose their identity, but society does not support it. The entire world seeks to mould the youth into “everyone else.” The parents force them to act like the children of their neighbours. Teachers instruct kids to act like the top students in the class. Everywhere they go, they are told to be ‘everyone else.’ As a result, reaching the destination of uniqueness is difficult. However, one should not give up the struggle to get to one’s destination.

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Comprehension Questions & Answers

Q. Why does Dr Kalam say that no youth needs to worry about the future?
Answer: There is no reason for youth to be concerned because the ignited intellect of youth is the most potent resource on the world, under the earth, and above the earth.

Q. What was the mission of ‘Sasthrayaan’?
Answer: Sasthrayaan’s mission was to prepare two thousand students from various schools to become engineers, doctors, managers, government officers, scientists, and so on.

Q. What were the problems the boy faced as a child?

Answer: The boy was terrified of asking a question in class. He lacked the confidence to stand in front of his classmates and speak to them as well as the teacher. Every time he tried, he compared himself to others and their fine attire.

Q. What was the ambition of the boy?
Answer: The boy wanted to become a marine engineer.

Q. According to the ancient poem, what are the qualities we are born with?
Answer: According to the ancient poem “I Will Fly,” every one of us is born with potentials such as goodness, trust, ideas, dreams, greatness, confidence, and, most importantly, wings to fly high in life.

Q. How does society discourage you to be unique?
Answer:: Children are constantly advised to emulate others in society. People want to make them the same as everyone else. The parents advise them to achieve high marks like the children next door. Teachers describe them as being among the top students in the class.

Q. What is the challenge before the youth today?
Answer: The challenge before the youth is to reach the destination of ‘Unique You.’

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