Summary of A Game of Chance

In Rasheed’s village, there was an Eid fair. The traders sold a wide variety of things during the fair. Rasheed accompanied his uncle and a servant to the fair. A handful of uncle’s pals gathered there and took him with them.

Rasheed’s uncle requested that he accompany the servant on a tour of the fair till he returned. Uncle warned him not to purchase anything while he was gone. Rasheed assured him that he would follow his directions. Rasheed and his servant explored the festival and came across the Lucky Shop.

The proprietor of the Lucky Shop desired that everyone try their luck. The consumer was required to pay 50 paise and collect six CDs. He needed to sum the disc numbers and determine the amount in order to receive the marked product as a prize.

Rasheed observed an elderly gentleman who had won a lovely clock but did not wish to keep it. The shopkeeper paid 15 rupees for the clock.

Similarly, a tiny child obtained a comb but returned it for 25 paise. He returned with a smile after winning a fountain pen, a wristwatch, and a table lamp in earlier trials.
Rasheed, too, was encouraged and began playing. He obtained two pencils for 50 paise. The shopkeeper repurchased them for 25 paise. He attempted again and obtained a bottle of ink, which he sold for 25 paise. In this manner, he continued to test his luck and received a trifle each time. Finally, he squandered every dime. The folks around him were making light of his misfortune.

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They returned and awaited uncle’s arrival. Rasheed’s uncle recognised his distress. Rasheed informed him of his bad fortune in the game.

Rasheed’s uncle stated that there is no such thing as good or bad luck. The winners were the shopkeeper’s buddies. They were using deception to entice him to try his luck. These retailers prey on unsuspecting customers in order to steal their money.

Uncle instructed Rasheed to disregard all of this and to refrain from telling anyone about his misfortune and folly.

Short Answer Type Questions

Q. Give a brief account of the Eid fair.

Answer: A fair was held in Rasheed’s village on the occasion of Eid. It lasted many days. Tradesmen came there from far and near. They sold all kinds of goods there.

Q. With whom did Rasheed go to the Eid Fair?
Answer: Rasheed’s uncle took him to the Eid Fair. Their domestic servant, Bhaiya also went with them.

Q. Where did Rasheed’s  uncle go?
Answer: There was a big crowd at the Eid Fair. Rasheed’s uncle was leading them through the crowd. Just then, he met a few of his friends. They wanted to spend some time with his uncle. His uncle asked him and bhaiya to look around the fair. The uncle went with his friends for some time.

Q. Who managed the Lucky Shop?
Answer: A shopkeeper managed the ‘Lucky Shop’. He was neither young nor old. He was a middle aged man. He was neither too smart nor too lazy.

Q. What was the game to be played at the ‘Lucky Shop’?
Answer: There were discs on the table. They had numbers from one to ten. They were placed facing down. The player had to pay fifty paise and pick up six discs. He had to find the total by adding up the numbers on the discs. He got the article marked with that number.

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Q. What did Rasheed do at the Lucky Shop?
Answer: Rasheed paid 50 paise and took six discs. He got two pencils which he sold back to the shopkeeper for 25 paise. He tried again and got a bottle of ink. The shopkeeper also bought it for 25 paise. He took a third chance. Even then, he was a looser so he continued trying his luck. Ultimately he lost all his money without getting anything.

Q. How did the people react to Rasheed’s bad luck?
Answer: Many people were looking at Rasheed when he was losing money. Some people were laughing at his bad luck. Nobody showed any sympathy with him. 

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