Character Sketch of Tarun #1

Tarun is a typical child who is constantly criticised for his low marks by his parents. He is frequently referred to as the family’s “black sheep.” His confidence has been shattered by the realisation that he is inept at everything. However, he is adamant about becoming a fast runner. By his unwavering commitment to victory, he develops into a model sportsman. For him, running serves as a form of therapy. Tarun is a true hero who works diligently and practises severely in order to accomplish his goals. It is his drive that propels him forward after each fall. He is endearingly witty. He is only aware of his abilities when Ram Narayan expresses his admiration for him. He is a self-starter who is ebullient.

Character Sketch of Tarun #2

Tarun was an abysmal student. His parents were dissatisfied with him because he never performed well in school. He was likewise not gifted in other areas, such as singing, dancing, or drawing. His elder brother, on the other hand, excelled academically and was pursuing a degree in engineering from a prestigious college. Tarun regarded himself as the family’s black sheep.

It was not that Tarun was a ‘useless’ child. He possessed the strength of a champion athlete. He was an exceptional runner, capable of running for hours. He was aware of his strengths and aimed to be the world’s fastest runner. However, he was aware of his limitations as well. He was aware that he need someone who could provide him with extensive training, but this was not possible due to the training’s cost being above his family’s means.

When Tarun’s terminal examination result was announced, his father was furious with him for failing. His friends made fun of him as well. He was so disappointed that he ran for an hour in the park. He was utterly spent after an hour of running. He sat on a bench, attempting to reestablish normal breathing. An elderly gentleman seated on the same bench had been observing his running. He was Ram Narayan, a sixty-year-old man who had won an Olympic gold medal in the 400 metre sprint in the 1960s. He had noticed a potential runner in him and offered to him intensive training on the condition that he would win the race at the Nehru Stadium on Children’s Day.

Tarun began training with zeal. He ran ten miles in the morning and then timed himself in the evening. After five days of practise, he collected his participation card. On November 14th, he was ecstatic. He arrived at the stadium and was greeted by Mr. Ram Narayan. He was a little terrified, but then he noticed his mother cheering him on from the crowd. His self-esteem began to grow. The race began with Tarun leading, however Tarun failed to see a shallow path on the course and slipped. He rose to his feet and resumed his sprint. However, as fate would have it, he slipped once again. Tears began to stream down his cheeks. He was convinced he would lose the race. He immediately heard his mother and Ram Narayan encouraging him to run. He rose to his feet and resumed his sprint. This time, he crossed the finish line, but he was the last competitor to do so.

He was enraged. Ram Narayan approached him and expressed his joy at having won the most difficult race of his life. He said that he would begin training the next day. Tarun was overjoyed. His excitement was limitless. Tarun could not believe what he was hearing. His eyes filled with tears once more. His mother embraced him and told him he was the best son the world had ever known.

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