Character Sketch of Maggie 1#

Alice Margaret Clifford is one of the vivacious characters in Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay’s story ‘The Price of Flowers.’ Maggie is a small child who encounters the thorns of life at a young age.

She is in her thirteenth or fourteenth year. Her eyes are huge and round. Her life’s adversity is visible in her eyes and wardrobe. They wore a dejected appearance. She is the widow of a widowed mother and has a brother who was a soldier in British India. Maggie works as a typist in a government store. She exerts considerable effort to keep the soup boiling. Her mother also assists her in meeting her financial obligations. This is not a standalone storey. However, it encompasses the qualities of love, compassion, affection, sacrifice, optimism, and fearlessness, among others. Maggie met an Indian named Gupta one day. She inquired frequently about India. She was ecstatic to learn more about her brother. She presented Gupta with a crystal ring that Frank had gifted her on her birthday as a mark of his affection. When her mother was confined to a bed, the crystal ring assisted her in reviving her. When she realised Frank was gone for good, she maintained her equilibrium at all times. She approached Gupta and gave him a shilling to purchase flowers. And she requested that he set it on the tomb for her. That shilling is not merely a sum of money; it represents Maggie’s genuine affection for her brother. I am certain that this storey and tiny Maggie will be etched in our minds. Through Maggie, the author has elicited strong emotions in our minds.

Character Sketch of Maggie 2#

Maggie is the protagonist of Prabhat Kumar Mukhopadhyay’s short – story “The Price of Flowers” Alice Margaret Clifford is her formal name. She resides in a slum district of London with her widowed mother.

Mr Gupta, the story’s narrator, first meets her in a London vegetarian restaurant. His curiosity about her intrigues him. He befriends Maggie and gains an understanding of her.

Maggie is just in her early adolescence, although she works as a typist at a Civil Service store. Her clothing is a direct reflection of her plight. She is quiet and introverted, but Mr Gupta gradually brings her out of her shell. Her lone sibling is a British soldier stationed in India. However, they have received no communication from him in an extended period of time. They are fearful for his well-being.

Mr Gupta inquires about her job satisfaction during their talk. She expresses a desire for a non-mechanical position. This demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit. Despite her polite and respectful demeanour, she is gutsy and bold at such a young age.

Maggie performs a song on the violin when Mr Gupta pays her a visit. According to her mother, she lacked formal musical training due to her family’s financial constraints. She have inherent ability. Her commitment to her mother and brother is very inspirational. When her mother becomes ill, she summons Mr Gupta and requests that he tell a lie in order to preserve her life. When she begs “please forgive me if it is very very wrong,” the reader is moved by her innocence and feels terrible for her powerlessness.

Maggie is invited to meet Mr Gupta on the day of his departure. She hands him the one shilling she has worked so hard to acquire in order to purchase flowers at her brother’s grave. The story’s title, “The Price of Flowers” properly reflects her tremendous sacrifice out of love for her brother. These are very priceless blooms.

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