History of English Literature: 1798-1832 MCQs

In this post, we have provided some of the most important questions in the form of MCQs (multiple choice questions) on the history of English literature from 1798–1832. These questions have been variously asked in many competitive national and state examinations.

Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQs)

(1)_______  said: “Poetry is the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings recollected in tranquility’.
a. Keats
b. Shelley
c. Byron
d. Wordsworth

(2) Wordsworth’s spiritual development is described in ________ .
a. The Solitary Reaper
b. Tintern Abbey
c. The Prelude 
d. The Green Linnet

(3) In ‘The Ancient Mariner’ ____ is one of the important parts of the poem.
a. Flamingo
b. Albatross
c. Eagle 
d. Kite

(4) Shelley’s _______ work caused him to be expelled from Oxford.
a. The Prelude 
b. The Revolt of Islam
c. Queen Mab 
d.The Necessity of Atheism

(5) Prometheus Unbound is a fine combination of the lyric and the ______.
a. Ode 
b. Elegy
c. Drama d. Sonnet

(6) In Adonis, Shelley laments for the death of __________  .
a. Byron
b. Webster
c. Wordsworth 
d. Keats

(7) The Romantic point of view of Shelley is presented in___written in 1821 published in 1840.
a. To a Skylark
b. Ode to the West Wind
c. To Cloud
d .  The Defense of Poetry

(8) Like the Byronic hero, the Shelleyan hero is a projection of _______ .
a. Keats
b. Historical Figure
c. Byron
d. Shelley
(9) ____________ said: ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever.’
a. Shelly
b. Byron
c. Keats 
d. Wordsworth

(10) __________   is written in Ottavarima.
a. Isabella
b. The Eve of St. Agnes
c. Hyperion
d. The Eve of Saint Mark.

(11) Keats’s Hyperion is modeled on the style and structure of _________.
a. Isabella
b. Cenci
c. Paradise Lost
d. To a Skylark

(12) The Eve of St. Agnes’ is regarded as one of the finest ___ poems by Keats.
a. Lyric 
b. Historical
c. Shorter  
d. Narrative

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(13) Jane Austen’s _______ was published posthumously.
a. Pride and Prejudice
b. Northanger Abbey
c. Sense and sensibility
d.  Emma.

(14) Jane Austen’s method of portrayal of character is based on her acute _____ 
a. Sense 
b. Observation
c. Sensibility 
d. speech

(15) Wordsworth said that ___ is the breath and timer spirit of all knowledge.
a. Poetry
b. Essay
c. Drama
d. Epic

(16) Where does ‘The Solitary Reaper’ take place?
a. Scotland
b. England
c. Ireland
d. France

(17) Who is singing in ‘The Solitary Reaper’? __________
a. a goddess
b. a muse
c. a beautiful girl
d. A cirele of temptresses

(18) How will the speaker remember the young girl of ‘The Solitary Reaper’?
a. He will carry her song in his heart
b. He will keep a small pointing of her with him
c. The two will correspond through letters
d. He torgets as soon as he leaves.

(19) Which work is a ‘magnum opus’ by Wordsworth
a. Preface to the Lyrical Ballads
b. The Prelude
c. Guide to the Lakes
d. Laodamia
(20) Who is Wordsworth’s Sister?
a. Dorothy
b. Shirley
c. Agnes 
d. Anna

(21) In which work Samuel Taylor Coleridge introduced the term ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ in 18117?
a. Kabla Khan
b. Christabel
c. Biographia Literaria
d. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

(22) Which one is the famous prose work by S. T. Coleridge?
a. Kubla Khan 
b. The Rime of Ancient Mariner
Biographia Literaria
d.  Christabel

(23) With which poet did S. T. Coleridge founded the Romantic movement in English Literature?
a. W. Wordsworth
b. Lord Byron
c. Shelly 
d. John Keats

(24) What career did Keats give up to become a poet?
a. Farming
b. medicine
c. law
d. Teaching

(25) Which of Keat’s long poem did  never finish?
a. The Eve of  Saint Agnes 
b. Ode to a Grecian Urn
c. Hyperion
d. Ode To Autumn

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(26) Who published the sonnet ‘ O Solitude ‘written by John Keats?
a. Richard Abbey
b. Leigh Hunt
c. John Sandell 
d. William Wordsworth

(27) Who is Qzymandias?
a. A traveler
b. Shelley
c. King Ramesses 2  
d. A Sculptor

(28) ____   collection of poems by Wordsworth was published posthumously.
a. The Prelude
b. The Excursion
c. The Recluse
d. Ode to Duty

(29) Majority of Wordsworth’s poem deal with _____ and rustic life.
a. Poor 
b. Rich
c. Dirty
d. Humble

(30) ________ is a satirical poem by Lord Byron
a. Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage
b. Idleness
c. Don Juan                             
d. The Prisoner 

(31)‘Table Talk’ is a collection of essays by _______.
a. Hazlitt
b. Lamb
d. Scott

(32) ‘Emma’ was published in the year  ________ .
a. 1815
b. 1814
c. 1816 
d. 1813

(33) ‘Confessions of an English Opium Eater’ is a famous prose work by
a. Thomas Moore
b. Thomas De Quincey
c. William Hazlitt
d. William Wordsworth

(34)_________ collaborated with his sister to write ‘Tale from Shakespeare’
a. Wordsworth   b . Lamb
c. Coleridge
d. Hazlitt

(35) Most of the lyrics written during the Romantic Age followed __ stanza form.
a. Spenserian 
b. Italian
c. Shakespearean
d. English
(36) ‘The Life of Scott’ is a biographical work by  __________ .  
a. Scott
b. Lockhart
c. Carlyle
d. Moore

(37) The Bennet family lives in the village  __________  .
a. Rosings
b. Pemberley
c. London
d. Longbourn

(38) Mr. Collins proposed marriage to _________  . 
a. Elizabeth
b. Mary
c. Jane
d. Lydia

(39) Bingleys and Darcy go to spend the winter____________.
a. Pemberley 
b. Netherfield
c. London
d. France

(40) Lady Catherine de Bourgh is Darcy’s
a. Aunt 
b. Mother
c. Sister
d. First wife

(41) ____________ pays off Wickham, convincing him to marry Lydia.
a. Bingley
b. Mr. Gardiner
c. Darcy 
d. Mr. Collins

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(42) Mr. Collins marries __________ .
a. Jane 
b. Miss Bingley
c. Lydia
d. Charlotte Lucas

(43) ‘Felt in the blood, and felt alone the heart’ is taken from _______.
a. Adonais
b. The Solitary Reaper
c. Tintern Abbey
d. When We Two Parted

(44) _______ and its influence on the poet in various stage forms the main theme of ‘Tintern Abbey’.
a. Love 
b. Youth
c. Death
d. Nature

(45) ‘When We Two Parted’ is ________ poem.
a. Biographical
b. Autobiographical
c. Pastoral
d. Anti – romantic

(46) Byron is trapped in a state of grieving a lost___________ .
a. Friend
b. Love
c. Neighbour 
d. Life

(47) ‘When We Two Parted’is a lyric poem made up of _____ octets.
a. Three
b. Four
c. Two 
d. Six

(48) ‘He grieves silently over her neglectful heart and deceitful spirit’. Here the poet talks about his  .
a. Wife 
b. Beloved
c. Sister
d. Daughter

(49) __________   is mother figure in ‘Adonais’
a. Unam
b. Urania
c. Uania 

d. Uramia
(50) In ‘Adonais’ the poet alludes to the city of  _________
a. Rome 
b. London
c. Zurich
d. Paris

(51) The ‘Adonais’ begins in dejection but ends in ___________
a. Atheism
b. Happiness
c. Optimism
d. Hope  


1.  D  2.  C  3.  B   4.  D   5.  C   6.  D   7.  D   8.  B   9.  C   10.  A   11.  C  12.  D   13.  B  14.  B  15.  A   16.  B  17.  C  18.  A  19. A  20. A 21.  C  22. C  23. A  24. B  25. A  26. B  27. C  28. A  29. D  30.  C 31. A  32. C  33.  B   34. A  35. A  36. B  37.  D  38. A  39.  C  40. A  41. C  42. D  43.  C  44. D  45.  B  46.  B  47.  B  48.  B  49. B  50. A 51. C 

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