Short Essay on First Aid for Children


The First Aid Box contains all the things required for immediate help to the accidents Victim. These include a bandage, a ball of cotton wool, gauze, a pair of scissors, blade, potassium permanganate (Lal dava) antiseptic solution, Sprit, Thermometer etc.

Very often we suffer minor injuries at home which do not need special medical attention but can be treated at home if we have knowledge of First Aid. Patients are suffering from serious injuries are saved because the immediate medical help is called First aid. Incidents happen often in our life and can happen anywhere, at home, on the road, on the playground, or at school. We should always be prepared to face such situations and need immediate help in a situation like this, this kind of help is called as first aid.

A person who gives first aid must have full knowledge of materials available in the First Aid Box. He should know how to handle the materials in the box. He should not panic on seeing the victim.

There are many occasions when we need to provide First Aid, let’s know about some of these situations.

A. First Aid for Burns

A burn is an injury caused by exposure to heat or flame, in case of a burn we should take the following First Aid Steps:-

  • Put the burnt area under cold running water till the pain subsides. If the dough is available in the refrigerator, put the thick layer of dough on the affected area. It helps in cooling down the burning sensation.
  • Apply the antiseptic lotion to avoid infection and facilitate healing.
  • Don’t apply oil on the burn and do not cover the burn with a thick cloth.
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B. Cuts and Scratches

In case of cuts and scratches adopt the following first aid steps.

  • Wash the area with running water
  • Clean the area with an antiseptic lotion.
  • Cover the area with a ball of cotton wool or use of bandage.
  • Take the person to the doctor and remember to get an anti-tetanus injection within 48 hours.

Nose bleeding: In case of nose bleeding, we should follow the following first aid steps

  • Make a person lie flat on his back
  • Pinch the bridge of the nose and put ice on it.
  • Pour the cold water on the head.

R= Rest, I =Ice, C= Compression, E=Elevation R=Referral.

Insect Bite: We should not tease insects. It is only when we tease them, they usually sting us.

In case of an insect bite place a piece of ice or cold water on the affected area. We can also apply ammonia or lime water on the sting area.

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