Essay on National Voters’ Day 2023 in English

Essay on National Voters 2023′ Day in English

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Each year, India celebrates National Voters’ Day on January 25. The commemoration of Voters’ Day was launched in 2011 by then-President of India Pratibha Devi Patil on the 61st anniversary of the Election Commission of India.

National Voters’ Day is observed to promote, facilitate, and increase voter registration, particularly among new or first-time voters. Voters are reminded on this day of the importance of informed participation in the voting process. At the National Voters’ Day ceremony, new voters or first-time electors are presented with their Elector Photo Identity Cards. The Election Commission of India, founded in 1950, is an organisation dedicated to voter registration, particularly of qualified voters.

Each year, National Voters Day have a different theme. Therefore, the celebration of this special occasion revolves around various dedicated themes. The topic of the 2021 National Voters Day was “Making Our Voters Empowered, Vigilant, Safe and Informed”. The theme for this year’s National Voters’ Day is Making Elections Inclusive, Accessible and Participative‘.

Each year, the State Government sends directions to educational institutions for the commemoration of National Voters’ Day. Through debates, quizzes, and declamations, schools try to foster democratic ideas in students. It was noted that youth who had recently reached the voting age of 18 was showing less or no interest in enrolling themselves in the electoral roll. National Voters Day aims to encourage the youth to participate in the electoral process.The day was created to inform youngsters that it is their turn to be active participants in the electoral process and to mobilise eligible voters out of their homes to exercise their fundamental right.


Every year, National Voters’ Day is celebrated at New Delhi in the presence of the Honourable President of India as the chief guest. This day also marks the foundation of the Election Commission of India.

10+ Lines on National Voters’ Day

National Voters Day is observed annually on 25 January.

It is observed to emphasise the critical nature of voting and each and every vote.

This day also commemorates the establishment of India’s Election Commission.

National Voters Day is observed to inspire young people to engage in the democratic process.

This day was initially observed in 2011 to urge young voters to use their right to vote. It is a day to commemorate both the freedom to vote and India’s democracy.

National Voter’s Day is observed annually in New Delhi, with the Honourable President of India as the chief guest.

The Election Commission’s primary purpose is to boost voter registration, particularly among eligible voters. Previously, the voting age was 21 years, but The Constitution (Sixty-First Amendment) Act, 1988 reduced the voting age to 18 years.

National Voter’s Day is observed annually in New Delhi, with the Honourable President of India as the chief guest.

While organising an election, the committee prioritises the generation of a clean voter’s list free from errors of duplicity and disqualification.

Inspirational Quotes about Voting:

“You’ve got to vote, vote, vote, vote. That’s it; that’s the way we move forward.”— Michelle Obama

“The vote is precious. It is the most powerful non-violent tool we have in a democratic society, and we must use it.”— John Lewis

“It’s not enough to just want change … You have to go and make a change by voting.”— Taylor Swift

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”— Dr Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Your voices are being heard and you’re proving to our ancestors that their struggles were not in vain. Now we have one more thing we need to do to walk in our true power, and that is to vote.” — Beyoncé,

“All of us may have been created equal. But we’ll never actually be equal until we all vote. So don’t wait.” — Leonardo DiCaprio

“Someone struggled for your right to vote. Use it.”— Susan B. Anthony

“When we vote, our values are put into action and our voices are heard. Your voice is a reminder that you matter because you do, and you deserve to be heard.”— Meghan Markle

“There’s no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter. It all matters.”— Barack Obama

“We have the power to make a difference. But we need to VOTE.” — Kylie Jenner

“The ballot is stronger than the bullet.” — Abraham Lincoln