Walking Barefoot on the Grass

Walking barefoot on the grass is one of the life’s nicest pleasures which are too simple to get. Have you ever feel the tickling of grass while walking barefoot on it? If No, then you have not experienced an excellent sensation and touch yet. No words can explain the feeling of grass that touches you directly without any barrier. That cool, spongy and soft touch of grass makes you feel fresh and contented. It is like feeling the nature with your feet. Whenever I go for a walk I prefer to walk barefoot on the grass. I used to do so without knowing that there are some particular benefits of this practice. I walked barefoot on the grass just because it feels too soothing and relaxing but now I am having more inspiring reasons to do so.

In my childhood, we were advised not to walk barefoot to prevent from germs and parasites. It was similar to a sin to walk barefoot according to our elders. This hard practice had parted me from the nature for a long period of time. But after getting in touch of the grass through my feet it is hard for me to avoid the sensation. Though hygienically it is good to not walk here and there barefooted but keep in touch with the grass or sand for your health. Make it a practice to walk barefoot on the grass at least 3 to 6 times a week.

Surprisingly, it is something advised by the doctors because besides feeling good it may have other benefits too. According to doctors walking barefoot on the grass especially early in summer mornings is one of the best mantras. The direct connection of feet to earth is essential for the wellbeing of mental and physical health. It helps in balancing the body temperature and improving the blood circulation. This natural touch plays magic to overall system as a natural stress reliever for both body and soul. It also improves eyesight as seeing the green grass soothes the eye nerves system. It is also a for sure cure of insomnia and disturbed sleeps. There are a lot of acupressure points on the bottom of the feet which are corresponding with every organ system of the body. Walking barefoot on grass stimulates these pressure points and a regular barefoot walking practice is followed by multiple physical and mental well beings. Studies show that walking barefoot on the ground decreases the stress and depression up to 62% because of the increment in release of the endorphins which are the feel good chemicals inside us.

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Earthing or Grounding:

Earthing is simply being in contact with the earth and absorbing the electrons from the earth through our feet or any other part of body while walking, sitting or lying on the ground in a park or on the beach or in the backyard. Earth surface possesses a continuous and limitless supply of electrons. It is believed that these electrons have an antioxidant effect to reduce the inflammation and increase the sense of comfort. These electrons are essential for immune system to function properly. This simple activity enhances our connection to the earth and particularly known as ‘Earthing’ or ‘Grounding’.

Do not let the substances like wood, plastic, metal, rubber and asphalt separated you from the healthy contact with earth and transmitting of energies to us. It is interesting that leather keeps the contact partially between your feet and earth and do not block the beneficial flow of electrons completely. It is a therapeutic and beneficial act that affects many common health disorders such as Migraines, Cancer, Allergies, Fibromyalgia, Chronic pain and fatigue, Arthritis and Lupus.

Important to Know about Walking Barefoot on the Grass

  • Walking barefoot on the grass is not a cure for everything but it’s free and perfectly safe act that won’t do you any harm. Just mind the weather conditions in your areas to prevent yourself from flu and chronic diseases that are related with cold.
  • Make it sure to walk on clean areas. There must be no hazardous items or chemicals around that may harm you while walking barefoot.
  • Avoid unknown areas where sharp objects may exist.
  • Wash your feet with soapy water and apply a lanolin based lotion after every walk.
  • There are multiple gadgets available in market with eye-popping prices for earthing but practicing it without gadgets is more natural and easy enough.

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