Essay on The Dragonfly

Dragonfly is one of the beautiful insects. It is always pleasant to see them fly over open areas back and forth. Their attractive colours and flying style catch the eyes of people. They are great hunters with good eyesight and awesome speed.

There are about 5,700 species of dragonfly around the world. They are flying insects which eat other flying insects. The large compound eyes are their main sense organ with four transparent wings and a long body. Though they have six legs like other insects but they cannot walk. They are strong, fast fliers. Their large eyes are positioned so close to each other and make them efficient and awesome hunters. They look for their food during the daytime. It’s easier to find with such big eyes. Their big eyes also help them watch out for enemies that may catch them.

A dragonfly’s eye is made up of many small eyes which is called a compound eye. Each tiny eye sees almost the same thing. Most insects have the same kind of eye as a dragonfly.

Dragonfly usually found near water and remains in the range of few miles from the place where the eggs hatched. There littler ones called nymphs and are aquatic. The nymphs eat small fish and tadpoles. Adult dragonflies considered effective to control mosquitoes. This is the most useful act of dragonflies for humans. They feed on harmful insects such as gnats and mosquitoes. They are a useful control of insect pests. They are also referred to as ‘mosquito hawks’ in some places of the US. They do not sting and have no serious threats for people.

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