Paragraph Writing

A paragraph deals with a single idea. It contains a group of sentences, having related thoughts. It has a unity of purpose. The central idea is developed in subsequent sentences. All these sentences are linked together logically.

The following are the essential features of a good paragraph.

(1) Unity: It deals with one main topic or idea. The main idea is often expressed in a single sentence, generally at the beginning. The last sentence sums up the whole paragraph.

(2) Order: The sentences in a paragraph are arranged in a logical and natural order and all the sentences ber on the topic, taken up.

(3) Variety: A good paragraph has variety. It means that the sentences forming a paragraph should differ in length and construction.

Bear in mind the following points while writing a paragraph:

(1) All the sentences in the paragraph should refer to the Central idea.

(2) There should be a close relationship among the sentences. It depends upon the proper arrangements of thoughts.

(3) There should be a natural flow of ideas. Continuity should carry the reader from point to point

(4) Make the first sentence of your paragraph brief and interesting to arrest the attention. The last sentence should also be quite attractive and should satisfy the interest aroused in the opening sentence.

(5) Sentences should be short and varied in length. Try to complete the paragraph within 70 words.

(6) Revise what you have written, and correct all mistakes and slips in spelling, grammar, punctuation etc.

Some Examples of Paragraphs


Failure is a stepping stone to success. It produces in man zeal and zest. Just as light is followed by darkness each day, failure and success follow each other representing the two sides of the same coin of life. We should not feel disheartened when we meet failures. Failures give us a fair and right chance to improve our performance in our future. It is wisely said, “A diamond cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials”. Without failure, man becomes easygoing and self-satisfied. He gives up effort and becomes stagnant. Greatness is achieved only by meeting failures. Robert Bruce failed to free his country in spite of several efforts he made, but he succeeded in the long run. Einstein was an utter failure in his early life, but he became the greatest scientist of the world. It is failure alone that brings out the greatness in man. So we must be resolute, confident and optimistic.

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There is no alternative to hard work. All successful men owe their success to hard work. Nothing good or great can be achieved without effort and hard work. Success comes to those who work hard and who have a strong desire to accomplish the task. Even a genius has to work hard to become a master of his art. Hard work keeps a man busy, contented, and satisfied. All progress in the world has been the fruit of labour. Men and nations can scale the heights of success only through hard work. Luck never favours the idlers. Those who shirk work cannot succeed in their life. Work is worship. No gains are possible without pains. Good efforts will always reap a good harvest.


A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Persons with imperfect and insufficient knowledge can do much harm to others. For example, a doctor with an insufficient knowledge can be very harmful to his patients. A novice driving a vehicle may put the lives of his passengers to an end. Persons with shallow knowledge are generally very boastful. The man with a little knowledge is like a frog in the well. He thinks that the whole world is only as wide as the well. It is not learning that is dangerous but the learner’s own pretensions that make his learning dangerous. As has been well said, ‘knowledge is proud that he knows much; wisdom is humble that he knows no more. It is dangerous both for the person who has little knowledge and also for those who seek the advice of such a person.


All things are not what they seem to be. We should not be misled by the outward appearance of things. Appearances are often deceptive. One can be taken in by a smiling face, A wicked man or woman may have a very innocent face. We should not trust external appearances. What really matters is the inner self. As Shakespeare said, “A man may laugh and laugh and be a villain”. What appears to be gold may be copper or something worse. Likewise, in the world of men, whatever glitters and dazzles may not be genuine and valuable. A man may try to create a favourable impression and we may be cheated by his appearance. So we should be careful while buying goods and making friends.



Take things in time and you will save yourself from a lot of trouble. A hole in a garment should be repaired immediately otherwise it will become bigger and the garment itself becomes useless. Similarly, if a breach in a canal let unattended it will become wider thus becoming dangerous as well as difficult to repair. Thus the right action at a required moment saves a lot of trouble. It is better to nip evil in the bud. One should always be alert and aware as a little carelessness, in the beginning, may result in misery at the end. An interesting old saying is “a kingdom may be lost by neglecting to replace a nail in a horse’s shoe”. So prevention is better than cure.


This proverb means that if a man is determined to do a thing he will certainly find a way to do it. All difficulties fade away before him. Success always comes to those who persevere. All great man of the world who found their way to success were men of strong willpower. They have proved that in the presence of strong determination and unshaken faith, success is assured. So be determined and you will achieve your object. count your blessings, not your troubles. Face your troubles courageously. Self-confidence is indispensable for success. Perseverance unlocks that door of fortune. One’s strong willpower gives him the strength to work hard, the intelligence to plan ways to overcome difficulties in his path and perseverance to reach the goal.


A stone that moves gathers no moss. A man who changes his stand or plans every now and then does not gain any useful position does not earn and does not establish social status. Such a man will be Jack of all trades but a master of none. A man who lacks determination does not stick to anything. a political leader who shifts from party to party loses confidence everywhere. So we must stick to one goal and make efforts in one direction only. If the efforts are constant and concentrated, one would secure success. Constant change results in a waste of time and energy. The man who leads the life of a rolling stone ultimately finds that he has acquired nothing. One has to stick to something to gather anything and if one quits, one will definitely be the loser.


All great achievements are a result of continuous efforts, planning and patience. They cannot be achieved in a day or two. It took several centuries for Rome to reach its glamour. Behind its grandeur lies the story of the ceaseless and untiring efforts of her people who were always anxious to make it great and grand. In the same way, all great and brilliant works cannot be achieved in a day. To get a thing done well, we must patiently devote all our energies to it over a period of time and also seek the help of others when needed. We cannot expect quick results in great undertakings. They demand much time and every. Success can come to us if we work in a determined manner and apply ourselves, heart and soul, to our work.

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According to natural law, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If we plant a sapling rose, we shall have rose. But if we plant cactus we shall have thorny of Cactus. It is equally true in the life of an individual or a nation. Good deeds fetch rewards whereas bad deeds lead to punishments. Man’s destiny is shaped by his actions. We should always do good actions. If we treat others well, we will be treated well. If we sow jealousy upon others, we will be showered only jealously upon us. Good deeds will always reap a Good harvest. So we will reap what we sow.


‘Tell me your friend and I will tell you who you are’ is a Biblical Saying. It is a common sight to see people of a similar character making friends with one another. A robber seeks the company of another robber. An intelligent boy seeks the company of intellectuals. The world judges a man according to the company he keeps. We should always have a good company. You may be good but a bad company may spoil you. Bad habits will last throughout life and make your life miserable. So be careful while choosing your friends.

Importance of Trees

Trees are very useful to men and animals. If there were no trees, human life would be impossible. Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and break it up into carbon and oxygen. Carbon is used to form starch and the oxygen is released in the atmosphere which animals breath in. Besides getting fruits from trees, we get furniture, paper etc. from the wood of trees. They prevent soil erosion. They are responsible for rainfall. In fact, all our basic necessities, air, water, food, clothing and shelter come directly or indirectly from trees. We owe our very existence to trees. Life would be unthinkable without trees. So conservation of trees is important to mankind.

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