Air pollution means the addition of certain unwanted substances to the air. They adversely affect the natural quality of the environment. Air gets polluted by domestic smoke, industrial exhaust and automobile exhaust. Carbon mono oxide and Nitrogen oxide products of automobile exhaust damage the nose, the eyes and the lungs. Sulphur dioxide, a product of factory exhaust, causes respiratory problems in human beings and damages plant growth. It is of vital importance to curb the means of air pollution. Fresh and pure air is the basic necessity of life. And only trees can do this service to man. By cutting trees, man has been digging his own grave, More attention is to be paid to afforestation. A scheme of social education should be launched and people should be made aware of the dangers of air pollution. Vehicle owners should be strictly told to keep their vehicles in good order. Our industries should be disciplined. Every factory should have safety devices. When these programmes become everyone’s concern we can hope for something constructive to happen.

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