In ancient India, women were held in very high esteem. They were considered equal partners in all activities. It is said, “Gods dwell where women are respected”. However, during the medieval period, there was a change for the worse. Women came to be looked down upon. She was deprived of good education and all her freedom was taken away. She was forced to live within four walls of her house. She was considered inferior and was forced to do menial jobs. She was considered weak and unequal to man. The reason for all these could be that our society became a male-dominated one and has remained so ever since. This is not a social feature which seems to exist in India alone. It became a global feature. The illiteracy rate among women is high. Women have been treated as objects of aesthetic beauty and as show pieces. Now, in independent India, women are equal to men. They are given education. We have among them doctors, engineers, politicians and leaders of men. India is the first country where a woman was elected as the prime Minister. Women have been given equal wages.

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