Dowry is a social evil which has assumed serious proportions of late. Dowry means the money and other things given by the parents of a girl to their son-in-law at the time of the marriage of their daughter. But today dowry is extracted from them by force. If the parents do not give, the in-laws make the girl’s life miserable. She is tortured. Dowry deaths are common nowadays. This spreading menace can be stopped not by passing remanding laws but by educating people. The parents of girls should educate them and help them get jobs. She should not be made dependent on her husband. Women should assert themselves and refuse to marry boys who expect dowry. Women’s organizations should take up this cause and fight for equal rights and status. Our young men must make sure that marriage is for love and togetherness and not for jewellery, home appliance, sewing machines, cars, T.V.sets or hard cash.

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