Three Visions for India

Answer the following questions:

1. What helped Dr. Kalam fix the three visions for India?

Ans. During his own career, as a missile scientist, Dr. Kalam witnessed history of our nation. This helped him to fix the three visions for India.

2. How should we handle our freedom?

Ans. We should handle our freedom with utmost care. If we are not free, no one will respect us. So we should safeguard, nurture and build our freedom.

3. What are the characteristics of a developed nation?

Ans. A developed nation should be self-reliant and self-assured. The poverty levels of developed nation should be reduced. Their achievements must be globally recognized today. The nation should have an efficient military and economic power. Above all, one should have the self-confidence to see their nation among the developed nations. These are the characteristics of a developed nation.

4. What are the drawbacks of us Indians?

Ans. The biggest drawbacks of Indians are that we are not able to eradicate poverty. Our poverty levels are falling but it cannot be wiped out. Our achievements are being globally recognized today. Yet we lack the self-confidence to see ourselves as a developed nation-self-reliant and self-assured. We fail to acknowledge the amazing stories of Indians. The biggest drawbacks of our media is failure to give recognition to achievements of Indians. They focus on bad news, failures and disasters.

5. What is the prerequisite of self-respect?

Ans. The prerequisite of self-respect is self-reliance.

6. What foreign stuff are we Indians crazy about?

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Ans. We Indians are obsessed with foreign TV’s, foreign shirts, and foreign technology. This craze for foreign staff has affected self-reliance of our country.

7. What is the dream of the 14 year old girl in Hyderabad?

Ans. The dream of the 14 year old girl in Hyderabad was to live in a developed India.

8. What was Dr. Abdul Kalam’s three visions?

Ans. Dr. Abdul Kalam’s three vision for India are Freedom, Development and standing up.

9. When will no one respect Indians?

Ans. If we are not free, no one will respect us.

10. Where do India stand in the production of wheat?

Ans. India stands second in the production of wheat.

11. What is our media obsessed with?

Ans. Our media is obsessed with bad news, failures and disasters.

12. Who has invaded us?

Ans. From Alexander onwards the Greeks, the Portuguese, the British, the French, the Dutch all of them have invaded us.

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